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This website is being developed in the spirit of providing universal access, regardless of the technical, physical, sensory, or intellectual limitations of persons who visit it or the context of use (type of device, programming, connection speed, environmental conditions, etc.) in which they do so.


For this reason, we are working with the objective of adapting the whole website to the recommendations of the World Wide Web Consortium – W3C to eliminate barriers which make access to information and communication difficult. These recommendations are specified in the accessibility rules contained in the website WCAG 1.0.


Users can adjust the fonts to the size which suits them, according to the browser which they are using. This option can be deactivated in various ways, according to the browser which is being used. The most-used browsers can be seen below.



Access Keys


A series of keyboard combinations have been defined to facilitate navigation through the most common content without having to use the mouse. With these keyboard instructions, access is facilitated to persons with visual and movement difficulties who cannot use the mouse and, in general, speed and convenience is achieved.


The instruction for activating these shortcuts depends on the browser and on the operating system which is being used. The most common combinations are:


  • Key 0: Accessibility page
  • Key 1: Main page
  • Key 2: Shortcut to contents
  • Key 3: Sitemap
  • Key 9: Contact
  • Internet Explorer: ALT + number + ENTER
  • Firefox: Shift + ALT + number
  • Netscape: ALT + number
  • Mozilla: ALT + number
  • Opera: Shift + ESC + number