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iDISC at the S2Tech Virtual Fair

23 November 2020

iDISC is participating in the Sustainable and Smart Technologies Virtual Fair and Congress (S2Tech) on November 25 and 26. This networking event for companies in the technology sector, which recreates visitors’ and exhibitors’ interactions in digital format, is the result of a collaboration between CICAT, SOLARTYS, and DOMOTYS.


The ingenious and attractive format of the conference — similar to a computer role-playing game — dodges the obstacles created by the COVID-19 crisis and wipes out physical and geographical limitations for all attendees.


Apart from the stands, S2TECH’s virtual setting has meeting spaces, information panels, and even café areas. This highly innovative and sustainable event is of maximum security, and iDISC did not want to miss its imaginative networking element.


The event brings together prominent companies in the technology sector, from energy storage specialists and players in the audiovisual world to smart city and building designers, energy efficiency assessors, and electronics, solar power, lighting, industry 4.0, and digital transformation companies.


Having been in the technology and translation sectors for over 30 years, iDISC wishes to share its experience in web and app development solutions for publishing content in any language and on any device — a need which has become all the more relevant during the pandemic.


iDISC models its services to respond to the needs and specificities of each of its customers, facilitating multilingual publication platforms to allow content to reach target markets in the local language. The services provided by iDISC are specialized in specific sectors, such as audiovisual, IT, lighting, consumer electronics, and industrial manufacturing.

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