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March 7 2017

iDISC increases the number of native American languages covered by its services

The company is incorporating new language combinations from Latin America.
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February 26 2017

iDISC: Thirty years of experience managing your content in any language and on any device

iDISC Information Technologies, a company specialized in facilitating communication between people and overcoming geographic, linguistic and cultural barriers, celebrates its 30th anniversary

IDISC Porto Alegre staff

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January 29 2017

iDISC opens a new production site in Brazil

 The new production office in Porto Alegre supplements and enhances the iDISC team in Brazil, establishing a distributed and local management and production strategy to satisfy the growing demand for translation services in Latin American languages.
ICT Company Award

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November 23 2016

IDISC receives the “ICT company award”

 The first annual #GENTICDAY2016 was held yesterday as a meeting point for suppliers and consumers throughout the entire ICT community of Catalonia: a place to contribute with experience, ideas, services and applications to help successfully deal with digital transformation. The event was attended by government bodies, universities and companies from throughout Catalonia to analyze the industry, share experiences and establish partnership and cooperation agreements.
Smart City Expo World Congress

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November 17 2016

iDISC presents its solutions at the Smart City Expo World Congress

iDISC exhibited its services at the Smart City Expo World Congress, a leading event on new technologies for public administrations and major companies in the sector of equipment and services for large cities.

top five language service companies

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July 24 2016

iDISC among the five leading language service businesses in Southern Europe

The company has grown in harmony with changes in the market, allowing it to improve its ranking among businesses in the industry

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June 26 2016

The iDISC Mexico production office moves in order to take on more projects

The iDISC Xalapa Office moves to a larger location to make room for more employees, take on more projects, and increase customer service capacity

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June 12 2016

iDISC signs a contract with the Agència Catalana de Turisme

The recent contractual relationship entered into between the Catalan Regional Government’s Tourism Department endorses the iDISC’s quality work and commitment in a sector as important as this one.

Security and monitoring breakfasts

IT services


May 26 2016

iDISC organizes breakfasts to discuss security and monitoring

On May 17 and 26, in collaboration with Watchguard, a leader in computer security, and Paessler, developer of the PRTG software for monitoring internal networks, iDISC organized breakfasts to inform their clients about existing network threats, how to be protected against them, and how to control internal networks to stay ahead of system failure and solve hardware errors. Ultimately, iDISC provided resources to make jobs easier for those in charge of the companies’ IT departments.

iDISC la Marató 2015


February 1 2016

iDISC collaborates with ‘La Marató de TV3’ 2015

For the thirteenth year running, iDISC Information Technologies is contributing to La Marató de TV3, a solidarity initiative to raise funds for research.


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