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Service continuity measures at iDISC (July 30 update)

July 29 2020
Pandemic Covid-19

Situation report on the COVID-19 pandemic in the cities in which iDISC has offices.


In Spain, after reaching minimal figures, there has been a rise in the number of new cases. However, the figures for serious cases and deaths are still much lower in terms of percentages, and there are also major differences between regions and provinces, which is likely due to intensified tracking and the number of tests carried out in each area.


In Mexico, the curve of infections continues to rise. However, the second half of July saw a slowing down in the number of daily cases recorded. Despite this, only 14 states have lowered the level of alert to orange, while the other 18 states, including Veracruz, remain red. All restrictions will remain in place until further notice.


In Brazil, the state of Rio Grande do Sul returned to red, after easing the opening of shops and restaurants. With the complete closure of activity, some areas have returned to the orange alert level, but not the Metropolitan Area of Porto Alegre, which remains at the red level. Hospitals continue to run at full capacity with critical COVID-19 cases, and there are currently no predicted dates for when the situation will return to normal.

At iDISC, our entire workforce continues to operate at full capacity . Our teams are experiencing different circumstances depending on their location, both in terms of healthcare and the measures and restrictions set by the relevant governments. In this context, we want to reiterate that, for iDISC, the priorities continue to be health and safety, and not jeopardizing the continuity of service. As a result, we will maintain the maximum possible precautions in all our offices and we will continue working from home, in order to avoid unnecessary traveling for work and contact with others. 


Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

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