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Service continuity measures at iDISC (June 22 update)

June 21 2020
Pandemic Covid-19

Situation report on the COVID-19 pandemic in the cities in which iDISC has offices.


In Spain,  the curve of infections  has  reached its lowest level to date. On June 21, the “state of emergency” was declared over and the “new normal phase ” began. In this phase, all economic activity is restored, with restrictions on capacity in some premises like bars, restaurants, theaters and museums.    The use of masks is compulsory on public transport, in enclosed spaces and where a safe distance cannot be maintained between people.


In Xalapa, like in the rest of Mexico and America in general, the curve of infections continues to rise. Since June 1, a gradual lifting of the lockdown has been taking place on a state-by-state basis. Only some sectors considered non-essential are returning to work in June, but the restriction on mass gatherings remains in place. For the time being, the epidemiological “traffic light” indicator for half the country, including Veracruz, is still red, meaning restrictions will remain in place until further notice.


In Brazil, the curve of infections also continues to rise. In Porto Alegre, the mayor has decided to close shopping malls and department stores again as the number of serious cases increased significantly in the last two weeks. The population remains under lockdown conditions and there is some confusion surrounding the official data provided by the federal government.


Our teams have different circumstances depending on their location, both in terms of healthcare and the measures and restrictions set by the relevant governments. In this context, we want to reiterate that, for iDISC, the priorities continue to be health and safety, and not jeopardizing the continuity of service. As a result, we will maintain the maximum possible precautions in all our offices and we will continue working from home, in order to avoid unnecessary traveling for work and contact with others.


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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