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Service continuity measures at iDISC (May 25 Update)

May 24 2020
Pandemic Covid-19

Situation report on the COVID-19 pandemic in the cities in which iDISC has offices.


In Spain, the “State of Emergency” has been extended until June 7 while the curve of infections continues to fall.

The city of Barcelona and the metropolitan area have entered phase 1 of the zoned de-escalation process. In this phase, industry and construction can take place observing safety measures, retail premises up to 400 m2 can open, as well as hotels, which must keep their common areas closed, and terraces at bars and restaurants, at a maximum 50% of their capacity.


In Xalapa, like in the rest of Mexico and America in general, the curve of infections continues to rise. The authorities intend to bring an end to the lockdown campaign on May 31 across the country. From June 1, a gradual lifting of the lockdown is planned on a state-by-state basis. Only some non-essential industries will go back to work in June, but the restriction on mass gatherings remains in place.


In Brazil, the situation is worrying due to the current confusion. For this reason, we have agreed with our Porto Alegre team that they will remain in lockdown at the highest level pending clear instructions from the government.


For iDISC, the priority continues to be health and safety, as well as not putting the service continuity at risk. As a result, we have decided that, although some governments are relaxing the lockdown conditions and measures, we will continue working from home, in order to avoid traveling for work and unnecessary contact with others. 


Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

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