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Service continuity measures at iDISC (November 5 update)

November 4 2020

Situation report on the COVID-19 pandemic in the cities in which iDISC operates


A state of emergency was declared again in Spain, alongside the implementation of a curfew, with varying levels of severity depending on the area. In Barcelona and its metropolitan area, the restrictions affect mobility at nighttime and during weekends. During working hours, schools and places of work are open. Although there are some cases of classrooms under quarantine and places of work with special measures, productive and educational activities are being carried out with relative normality.


In Xalapa, as in most of Veracruz state, the traffic light system is currently indicating amber. Most activities are being carried out in accordance with health protection measures. Many entertainment activities, such as live music, are still suspended. Bars and restaurants are operating with some limitations. Restrictions remain in place and the number of infections shows a rising trend across the country.


In Brazil, it appears the 1st wave has come to an end, with stable numbers for the first time since March. Schools have implemented a hybrid system with both in-person and online classes, and shops, restaurants, and bars are offering services almost as normal. It is thought that there may be a second wave as a result of the summer, as we are now seeing in Europe.


At iDISC, our entire workforce continues to operate at full capacity . Our teams are experiencing different circumstances depending on their location, both in terms of healthcare and the measures and restrictions set by the relevant governments. In this context, we want to reiterate that, for iDISC, the priorities continue to be health and safety, and not jeopardizing the continuity of service. As a result, we will maintain the maximum possible precautions in all our offices and we will continue working from home, in order to avoid unnecessary traveling for work and contact with others.


Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

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