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February 20 2018

Companies in the Netherlands, Belgium, and Spain are Collaborating to Develop a Digital Platform that Provides Users with Customized Diets

FoodFirst, a Dutch company, has chosen the Belgian firm Troades and the Spanish company iDISC to develop its new food portal. 

February 19 2018

iDISC doubles its Christmas collaboration with non-profit organizations: La Marató and the Topos Rescue Brigade

Our Season's Greetings video was one way in which we helped support worthy causes. Once again, clients, vendors and friends contributed to our donation by watching our video. Each view of the Season’s Greetings video represented 1 Euro donated to each of the organizations that we support.

December 14 2017

iDISC renews their ISO 17100:2015 and ISO 9001:2015 quality certifications

iDISC Information Technologies has updated their ISO 9001 certification to the 2015 version and obtained ISO 17100 certification to replace EN 15038.

October 15 2017

iDISC exhibits its services at Municipalia

iDISC will once again participate in Municipalia, a leading trade fair in the field of urban services and amenities, which will take place from October 24th-26th.

October 3 2017

iDISC now among the most important language services companies in Southern Europe

In its most recent annual report, “The Language Services Market: 2017”, the American consulting firm Common Sense Advisory has placed iDISC among the principal language services companies in Southern Europe . The study is based on data collected in 2016 and was made public last August. According to this ranking, iDISC is among the ten most important companies in this field in Southern Europe.

March 31 2017

iDISC cooperates with the Marató de TV3

For the fourteenth year running, we have collaborated with TV3’s La Marató, a solidarity initiative to raise funds for research.

March 7 2017

iDISC Increases the Number of native American Languages Covered by its Services

The company is incorporating new language combinations from Latin America

January 29 2017

iDISC Opens a New Production Site in Brazil

The new production office in Porto Alegre supplements and enhances the iDISC team in Brazil, establishing a distributed and local management and production strategy to satisfy the growing demand for translation services in Latin American languages.

November 23 2016

IDISC receives the “ICT company award”

The first annual #GENTICDAY2016 was held yesterday as a meeting point for suppliers and consumers throughout the entire ICT community of Catalonia: a place to contribute with experience, ideas, services and applications to help successfully deal with digital transformation. The event was attended by government bodies, universities and companies throughout Catalonia to analyze the industry, share experiences and establish collaboration and cooperation agreements.


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