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We will help you connect to your clients in any language, from any device, in the most secure way.

We Connect You to Your Clients

  • Professional Content Translation
  • Multilingual and Multidevice Web Portals
  • Mobile Device Solutions
  • Computer Security

We Translate

  • Translated by native-speaking translators. Always.
    Certified quality and experience from our professionals.
  • Texts are double-checked
    Each translation is completed by a translator and verified by an editor.
  • Flexible Delivery
    We are always available, and will accommodate the urgency of your project.



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We Develop

  • Web Development
    Business web portals, newsletter management systems, online stores, and search engine optimization.
  • App Development
    We develop custom applications that you can use to connect to your clients at any time, in any place, on any device.
  • Digital Signage
    Update your content easily and advertise your brand to make the greatest possible impact.

We Protect

  • Computer Security
    Protection against cyberattacks and hacking and data loss prevention.
  • Network Monitoring
    Traffic control and network component usage, ensuring their availability.

Featured Projects (Websites and Web Portals)

  • Troades
    New corporate website for Troades: an attractive showcase of images and digital communication projects, with the dynamism and visual richness in line with the company’s identity and the services it provides. Developed with our d2web content manager.
  • Unitat Docent Clínic
    Unitat Docent Clínic
    This project was completed in collaboration with the graphic design company Niuimash. iDISC created the technical part of the portal. This is a teaching website with functions for managing relationships between mentors and residents in the Teaching Unit at Barcelona's Hospital Clinic.
  • CEJE
    Círculo Empresarial Japón-España (CEJE)
    The former Shacho Kai association website has been renovated due to a name change and internal restructuring. The interface has been updated, and it has been completely translated into Japanese.
  • Gestway
    A management web application has been developed for the company Carsway, which is dedicated to motor vehicle import and export. The application enables many tasks to be automated, such as generating and sending offers, creating orders and monitoring operations via a control panel.
    The website developed for the Asociación Catalana de Entidades de Base Asociativa, Aceba (Catalan Association of Private Healthcare Providers) represents nine self-managed primary healthcare teams spread throughout the Catalan territory. 
  • Aceffsa
    Aceffsa, a business offering complete consultancy and advisory services for individuals and companies, has a web portal based on the d2web content management system which allows users to make queries using a contact form, download monthly informative leaflets, and send in their information if they want to join this company's prestigious team.
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Featured Projects (Applications)

  • FoodFirst Network app
    FoodFirst Network
    The Dutch company offers this application to its subscribed members for free to help them achieve their goals and stay motivated. Daily advice through push notifications, daily menus, recipe books, and shopping lists that are right at your fingertips.
    Available for download from the Apple Store (iOS) and Google Play Store (Android).
  • Transgruas App
    This new application gives customers easy access to information from any mobile device or tablet: users can search the second-hand product catalogue, contact the after-sales service directly, reserve used items, etc. Without a doubt, this application provides quicker and more convenient communication between the customer and the company.
    The app can be downloaded for free from the Apple Store (iOS) or Google Play Store (Android).

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