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iDISC expands production capacity for the Americas

October 28, 2015

The collaboration agreement with Universidad Veracruzana [University of Veracruz] and the creation of a production site in Xalapa (Mexico) provide another impetus for iDISC in expanding to satisfy the growing demand for Latin American languages. This strengthens support for the team in Mexico City, while increasing participation in training future localizers.


During the last few weeks, new exchanges have been taking place between the Xalapa office and iDISC’s headquarters in Barcelona, which has brought the team closer together, and fostered exchange of knowledge and coordination between the two time zones.


Starting now, the project managers in Mexico City will coordinate the local Xalapa team and will reinforce uninterrupted service for more than 16 hours, taking advantage of the time difference between the Barcelona and Xalapa offices.


This extension of service hours will provide faster support to the Mexican team and an improvement in the balances of work and specialization, which will lead to higher quality, efficiency, and faster turnaround times for our clients’ projects. 

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