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iDISC among the Five Leading Language Service Businesses in Southern Europe

July 25, 2016

The company has grown in harmony with changes in the market, allowing it to improve its ranking among businesses in the industry


The U.S. consulting firm Common Sense Advisory placed iDISC among the five main language service businesses in southern Europe in its last annual report, “The Language Services Market: 2016”. The study was based on data compiled in 2015 and was made public this last June. According to this ranking, iDISC is one of the five main businesses in Southern Europe, in addition to being the first company specialized in Iberian and Latin American Markets.


In the words of Pere Grivé, General Director of iDISC, “Language can be seen as a barrier to global communication, but in many cases we can turn it into a powerful ally that brings us closer to our clients in a personalized way that distinguishes us from our competitors.”


iDISC’s services include translation, software localization and localization of product documentation, marketing materials, and websites for countries on the Iberian Peninsula, in Latin America and the United States, through translations into Spanish (with variants for all Spanish-speaking countries), Portuguese (for Portugal and Brazil), Catalan, Basque, Galician, Quiché, Quechua, Guarani and Aymara and the adaptation of characteristics and contents to the specific requirements of each market. iDISC also offers language services in other combinations for exporting businesses, as well as communication platform development services, whether they are based on websites, mobile Apps or signage and digital advertising.



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