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IDISC receives the “ICT company award”

November 24th, 2016

The first annual #GENTICDAY2016 was held yesterday as a meeting point for suppliers and consumers throughout the entire ICT community of Catalonia: a place to contribute with experience, ideas, services and applications to help successfully deal with digital transformation. The event was attended by government bodies, universities and companies throughout Catalonia to analyze the industry, share experiences and establish collaboration and cooperation agreements.


As part of the event, the #GENTICDAY2016 AWARDS were given to recognize governmental bodies, individuals, and companies that have distinguished themselves through their contributions to the ICT sector and have contributed to a successful digital transformation process.


IDISC was awarded the distinction of “ICT developer and implementer of high-tech ICT solutions” for the services that it provides to public and private organizations in order to aid in the distribution of their content in any language, on any device and in any format. 

The prize was awarded by Jordi Puigneró, Secretary of Telecommunications, Cybersecurity and Digital Society of the Government of Catalonia to Pere Grivé, Chief Executive Officer of iDISC.


In the words of Ramón Iglesias, the event leader, upon delivering the prize to IDISC: “The prime focus of GENTICDAY is the whole region of Catalonia and all of its municipalities. iDISC’s solutions, which we recognize today, have benefitted medium-sized municipalities: Martorell, Olesa de Montserrat. Montmeló, Manlleu, Palau-Solità i Plegamans and Abrera, among others. These municipal governments require a different approach from those of larger cities, but can also benefit from some of the advancements implemented in benchmark smart cities ”.

#GENTICDAY2016 has become a major open forum for ICT companies, universities, government bodies and client companies throughout Catalonia, conceived and led by its organizers to help improve the competitiveness of organizations and promote the networking that is required among all active participants in the ongoing digital transformation.

  • ICT company award
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