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iDISC: Thirty years of Experience Managing your Content in any Language and on any Device

February 27, 2017


iDISC Information Technologies, a company specialized in facilitating communication between people and overcoming geographic, linguistic and cultural barriers, celebrates its 30th anniversary


Founded in 1987, iDISC Information Technologies turns 30 this year. The company continues to maintain its goal of facilitating communication and overcoming geographic, linguistic and cultural barriers.

Thirty years of experience with technology and communication projects has allowed iDISC to become a technology-based company with one of the best track records in the market. The thousands of projects the company has carried out, both in content translation and localization and in the development of Internet projects, attest to iDISC’s status as a leading company in the industry.

Pere Grivé, General Manager of iDISC, emphasizes that “in our activity sectors, there are very few businesses that possess the history and accreditation that iDISC has to offer.” He also states that “this 30th anniversary has been made possible thanks to a company culture and work philosophy that is based upon achieving client satisfaction above all else.”

iDISC is headquartered in Barcelona, with project management centers in Mexico and Brazil, production centers in various Latin American countries, and collaborators in over one hundred countries.

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