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iDISC doubles its Christmas collaboration with non-profit organizations: La Marató and the Topos Rescue Brigade

February 20, 2018

Our Season's Greetings video was one way in which we helped support worthy causes. Once again, clients, vendors and friends contributed to our donation by watching our video. Each view of the Season’s Greetings video represented 1 Euro donated to each of the organizations that we support.


In case you missed it, you can watch our Season’s Greetings video below:


iDISC Christmas Card 2017


In addition to donating for the fifteenth year in a row to La Marató de TV3, an initiative to raise money for research in the fight against infectious diseases, we also collaborated with the Topos Rescue Brigade to help those affected by the most recent earthquake in Mexico.


For 16 years, iDISC has supported worthy causes which give hope to many people. With your help, we would like to continue doing so in the future.


Thank you all for your support.

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