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Adopting a quality system is part of iDISC’s decision-making strategy, which has aimed for ongoing performance improvement and sustainable innovation since 1987.


The ISO 9001 standard that is the basis of iDISC’s quality system helps reinforce their ability to provide services that comply with client demands, in addition to creating opportunities that increase satisfaction.


iDISC, in compliance with this standard, applies the PDCA cycle of continual improvement and focuses heavily on risk evaluation, in addition to the constant monitoring of key process indicators. All of this, meanwhile, is happening in a technological context and market that is always becoming more complicated and dynamic, presenting never-ending motivation and challenges for the entire business.





Since we started our business, the iDISC Information 
Technologies, S.L.
Management team has adopted the business
strategy of obtaining the highest level of customer satisfaction.
We have established and continue to consider as our business
To help improve companies’ communication and information management
by providing and marketing technology products and services,
and linguistic services.
To do so, we accept and commit to the following:
  • To execute every project efficiently, seeking maximum
    suitability of functions and purposes of the product
    or service, and meeting delivery times.
  • To comply with current legislation applicable to all sectors
    of our business activity.
  • To act responsibly toward society and respectfully toward
    our environment.
At iDISC we believe that the above can only be achieved by:
  • Analyzing customer needs as a basis for offering them
    services that best meet their requirements.
  • Hiring adequately trained professionals capable of
    carrying out the processes with a quality guarantee.
  • Using the most appropriate technology and constantly
    updating it to carry out business processes quickly and
    in a trustworthy manner.
  • Conducting our business activities following the integrated
    quality management system guidelines according to International
    Standard ISO 9001 to ensure quality work and continuous
    improvement of the service in all sectors of our business
    activity. Our translation services line of business complies
    with International Standard 17100.
  • Establishing continuous improvement goals for quality.
This policy should be understood and agreed to by all staff,
with the Management being the first to commit to the abovementioned
The Management

ISO-9001 | ISO-17100Ministerio de Hacienda y Administraciones Públicas
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