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Cybersecurity: myths and misconceptions that put your business’s security at risk


Is your business protected from cyberattacks? Find out everything you need to know about cybersecurity, and protect your company!

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Is your business protected from cyberattacks?

In recent years, technological advances have brought with them something that is becoming an increasing problem for companies: the sophistication and refinement of cyberattacks.

The world we live in is completely digitalized. Every action carried out online leaves an information trail, and cybercriminals have increasingly better tools to access this information. Using a cloud system to store your company’s files can expose your organization’s precious data to these attacks if it isn’t properly protected. 

Investing in cybersecurity is an undeniable necessity for any company.

Nevertheless, there are many myths and misconceptions about computer security that can lead us to mistakenly think that we have enough security, which means we don’t invest wisely and don’t acquire the necessary level of protection.

Some cybersecurity myths and misconceptions:

  • Traditional antivirus software is effective
  • Servers should receive the most protection
  • A firewall is true protection against intrusive elements
  • Employee email accounts are the ones that should be guarded the most
  • Small businesses don’t need to worry

Download the guide and see how these myths are debunked and what solutions you need to increase your organization’s cybersecurity and protect your business.

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