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We are convinced that only the highest quality companies will linger in the IT world. We are constantly striving to design, develop and test our products  with the best quality standards, while meeting the established deadlines and costs. Our ISO 9001 certification guarantees it at every stage of the process. As a consequence, we are confident that we can offer managed services, with commitment on their outcome, and not just a resource pool of technically skilled people.


 Our methods, tools, know-how, and physical and cultural proximity reduce risk of typical offshoring overhead. At the same time, our contract terms, delivery models and governance principles offer flexibility when negotiating terms and guarantee our commitment to deliver on the agreed terms. Overall, we guarantee that our nearshore developments are as cost efficient as possible and have, at very least, the same quality as onshore developments.



We offer the right people in the right place for every job. Our team of highly qualified professionals provides the scalability necessary to be able to deal with increased workloads. In addition, thanks to Catalonia’s population of 40,000+ technical students and iDISC’s talent recruitment and retention policies, there has been a drastic increase in productivity.



iDISC has an international presence in Europe and South America, with proven expertise in multinational, multicultural, distributed engagements. While we have a culture similar to the other western European countries, we are proud to adapt to the unique preferences of each client. The physical and cultural proximities are reflected in our delivery model, which combines on-site account and project management with nearshore development. Barcelona is located at most two hours away by plane from most European cities, and its time zone is within one hour from all Western European countries.



"iDISC is committed to delivering IT nearshoring services with the highest

quality, efficiency, agility, and proximity"


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