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Our management applications are based on powerful, flexible, open technologies. To this end, they are designed to work in an intuitive and unified environment, no matter what application is being used. Their capacity for growth and scalability is infinite, which allows us to maintain a lifetime business relationship with our clients by constantly adapting the solutions implemented to their evolving needs.


The management programs are platform-independent applications and are executable in Client/Server or Internet architecture, thus protecting the investment made by our customer.


The solutions offered by iDISC are designed to "break through the barriers" of business, allowing your company to increase its expectations by joining the global market, with a solid technological base.


This, together with the skills of our team, makes us much more than simply a supplier of computer applications: we will become an integral component of your company structure. We can help you enter the new economy with our knowledge and applications.


  • dGest 3

    dGest - (ERP)

    Designed to minimize the time spent on administrative work, dGest allows you to focus on the management of your company, without missing a step in this ever-changing market. With dGest, you will be able to minimize the work done by different departments when it comes time to do important jobs such as issuing end-of-the-month invoicing, monitoring accounts receivable and accounts in arrears, stock management or statistical documentation of purchases and sales.

  • dLab

    dLab - (Integrated Management of Clinical Analysis Laboratories)

    This is the independent computer system designed for integrated management of clinical analysis laboratories, which will allow you to improve efficiency, security, communication, and work profitability for your company without being held captive by suppliers and manufacturers.
    With dLab, you will have a solution that will allow you to carry out your day-to-day laboratory management, all in one single modular tool: invoicing, accounts management, purchases, and stock...


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