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Consists of determining the types of files, the project size, and the most appropriate resources, tools, and procedures. In the same way, through direct contact with the client, we are able to detect and preempt possible difficulties, as well as to agree on delivery dates and carry out planning efficiently.


During our translation process your files are translated by professionals using the most appropriate tools for the job. The files are then reviewed and automatically checked for spelling and grammar. A technical editor re-reads the files and another editor (usually the original translator) inserts any necessary corrections. During the process, the client and the project manager can be in constant contact with the language lead (if this is not the project manager) and the translation team. 


Also known as formatting or layout, this is the process through which style is assigned, and content tables, graphics and indexes are generated. In short, it is the preparation of the document either for the target market or to ensure a perfect match with the original.


This is the process by which original files are converted to a format the operating system can run. As a further step in our quality process, the help files are compiled to detect possible errors, and they are delivered in the same condition as the original.


In order to complete the localization process, we carry out testing processes of the final result (either on a software or a help system) and if necessary, we can travel to the client's premises to carry out these tests in situ.

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