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Companies in the Netherlands, Belgium, and Spain are Collaborating to Develop a Digital Platform that Provides Users with Customized Diets

February 21, 2018

FoodFirst, a Dutch company, has chosen the Belgian firm Troades and the Spanish company iDISC to develop its new food portal. 

The platform, which offers customized food - and health - related content, will benefit from the participation of the prestigious international chef Rudolph Van Veen of ‘24 Kitchen’ channel, seen on the FOX network.


Once the user registers, providing his or her profile, objectives, and specific needs, the portal will prepare customized recipes and daily diets, while at the same time offering medical advice and introducing the user to the culture of health.

The project is designed to improve the life of people with eating disorders, allergies, and diseases affected by food, such as diabetes, as well people with no particular disorder who simply want to pursue a healthier lifestyle.


The web portal offers:

  • A chronological diet based on disorders and goals to be achieved
  • A printable shopping list that matches your daily menu
  • An extensive search engine for exploring the recipe books of renowned chefs
  • Articles related to medicine, sports, mental health, cuisine, etc.
  • Cooking courses that can be purchased either with the subscription or separately

The app offers:

  • A daily tip (push notification)
  • Today’s, yesterday’s, and tomorrow’s menu
  • A recipe book that allows the user to mark favourites
  • A shopping list (ingredients called for by the recipes)
  • Contact via a form + WhatsApp + Facebook Messenger
  • Editing of the user profile

This project is a good example of international cooperation, in line with best practices in this era of digital transformation, between FoodFirst Network: a new Dutch platform for distributing food - and health - related content, Troades: a Belgian consulting and digital marketing company, and IDISC: a Spanish web and app solution developer. 

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