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6 keys iDISC

6 key tips for picking a translation partner in 2022

For companies active in more than one country, translating and adapting their content to fit the languages of the markets where they operate is essential, and this goes for potential markets too. We are not just talking about translating a website, but all the content reaching users and customers as this boosts the effectiveness of company efforts.

Translation in the AV Industry: Five key points to have a successful experience

You are an AV professional from a marketing or sales department and you have been assigned an important task: to have your company’s content translated into several languages. All of a sudden, all these questions flood in to your mind: What to translate? Should everything be translated or just some parts? Will a professional translator know enough about the AV industry? What if, for a translator, a color bump is a game app and ISE stands for Irish Stock Exchange?

ISE 2021, the first audiovisual sector event since the start of the pandemic, comes to a close, having made an excellent impression

Los pasados 1 y 2 de junio, Barcelona acogió por primera vez el Congreso ISE 2021, el evento líder del sector audiovisual y de comunicaciones integradas en Europa y que hasta el año pasado se celebraba en Amsterdam.

Colors @ iDISC. The reason explained

Los colores tienen un gran efecto en las personas. Se dice que los perros solo ven en blanco y negro, y está claro que los inicios de la fotografía nos dejaron verdaderas obras maestras en blanco y negro (especialmente para los amantes del arte posmoderno). Sin embargo, los humanos necesitamos la energía y la alegría de los colores para iluminar a todo aquello que nos rodea.

Electronics Industry: 5 keys to choose a long-lasting translation partner

Most companies in the Electronics industry understand the importance of having their content translated into the languages of the markets in which they are operating or intend to operate. Most already have their website translated, as well as their most important material, but few have a proper solution in place.

Is translation a priority in a post-COVID-19 world?

In some aspects, the world has changed more in recent months than it ever did in the last few decades. We didn’t see it coming, as is usually the case with the truly important things in life. With the current scenario, companies are meticulously reviewing their budgets to reorganize priorities and establish a new strategy to overcome this crisis. One of the usual points on the table is whether translation should be a priority or not.

Los compradores prefieren la información en su propio idioma

Customers Want Information In Their Native Tongue

The choice of language used by an export company in its commercial and technical materials and written communications is essential when establishing itself in a foreign market.


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