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Specialized translation for the boating industry

The seascape has never been as vast or as exciting as it is today. The boom in the boating sector has been clear to see in recent years. With the global growth in demand, the need for accurate and reliable boating translation services is also increasing. The evolution of the industry not only drives innovation in boats and marine technology, but also poses new challenges in terms of communication and market reach. From increasing environmental responsibility proposing more sustainable vessels to the generational shift in the type of buyers, the industry is undergoing a rapid transformation.


In this context, boating translation services are not a luxury, but a strategic necessity. Today, to achieve global success, it is not only crucial to understand and be understood in several languages, but also to use the preferred communication channels of new customers, such as social networks.


“The future is in the hands of those who explore…”

- Jacques-Yves Cousteau


Professional boating translation

Since boating and marine life are sectors with a very specialized lexicon, the translation process goes far beyond converting a word from one language to another. It requires a thorough knowledge of technical nautical terminology, a sufficient understanding of the culture of boating and the ability to understand the legal and technical nuances that may arise in maritime contracts and regulations.

Translation of boating documents in several languages

From boat operating manuals and technical specification guides, to sales or leasing contracts, the variety of documents requiring translation in the boating industry is wide-ranging. To ensure accurate and effective interpretation, it is essential to have experts who not only understand the source and target languages, but also the technical and legal concepts involved.

Boating technical translation

The boating industry is full of detailed specifications, from traditional manufacturing materials to the advanced mechanical components and electronic systems used in modern boats. Boating technical translation is a discipline that focuses on making sure that all these specifications are understood and translated clearly and consistently, regardless of the language in which they are expressed.

Proven experience in the boating sector

We specialize in the translation of ship manuals and maritime research articles, technical specifications of nautical equipment, navigation software, as well as contractual and insurance documents for the marine industry.

We have expert translators in every field of the boating industry. Learn about our experience with leading companies in the sector!


Specialized translation services for the boating industry

Manufacturing and equipment

Navigate safely in international waters with our technical translations of ship manuals, product descriptions and technical specifications. We also offer translation of patents and marine engineering documentation.

We have the necessary technical knowledge and are constantly updating our terminology to ensure that your products not only comply with international standards, but are also understandable to users of different languages and cultures.

Maritime services and operations

We offer specialized translation of legal contracts, port and logistics agreements, operating regulations, safety manuals and standard operating procedures.

Our ability to keep abreast of international regulations helps ensure smooth and efficient communication between all parties involved, minimizing legal and operational risks.

Tourism and water activities

Enhance your tourism offer with the translation of marketing materials, brochures, websites and catalogs. We also translate informational and educational materials, such as diving courses and water sports safety instructions.

We tailor marketing content to resonate with the diverse cultures of your target audiences, putting ourselves in the shoes of the tourism consumer to maximize the impact of your communications.

Management and auxiliary services

We provide translation services for contracts, insurance policies, training materials, certifications, and environmental and sustainability documentation.

Our expertise in legal and environmental terminology ensures that all documents comply with international and local regulations. We offer an agile service that accelerates your training or certification process.

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Advantages of working with iDISC as your boating translation company

Having a dedicated partner for specialized translations is more important than ever.

And iDISC is the perfect choice.

Our teams of project managers and specialized translators help companies in the boating sector to:

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Guarantee compliance with translation quality standards, as we follow ISO 9001, ISO 17100 and ISO 18587certified processes

reduce risks icon reduce risks icon - red

Minimize risks thanks to our years of experience in the boating industry and optimize the capabilities of our expert translation teams

increase sales icon increase sales icon

Increase sales volumes worldwide by translating and adapting content to each market to reach more customers directly

reduce costs icon reduce costs icon

Reduce overall costs by leveraging previously-translated content with translation memories

Calculate the price of your translation

Already a customer? We calculate your quote instantly according to your needs and the type of translation.


Why iDISC?

iDISC is a partner who is able to understand your industry’s terminology.

We operate with deadlines and prices that fit the needs and scope of your project


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Time and experience

At iDISC, we have been working on technical translations for more than 35 years. We understand and satisfy all market demands.

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Technical translations by native translators

We provide you with specialized native technical translators with extensive experience in your sector.    

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Texts are double-checked

Our ISO 17100-certified process ensures a second professional proofreads the translation. 

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Flexible and quick turnaround

We structure our team to meet the deadline of your technical, marketing, and sales translation projects.

Having a specialized translation partner who understands the complexity of your technology is crucial to the success of your brand

Translation team project

Assembling a team of 20 people for a three-week project and regrouping three years later.

In 2012, a software company with extensive international reach requested a 20-person team for three weeks to translate a large-scale software release into multiple languages, with just a week’s notice. After the three weeks, they requested the team be downsized to a security patch and bug fix service package of 15 hours a month. Three years later, the company requested the team be reassembled for the release of a new version of the software. The client wanted the same team, posing the challenge of bringing these people back on board. At iDISC we managed to do exactly that.

Synchronizing machine translation project

Synchronizing the machine translation of an online catalog in three languages in less than 24 hours

A world-renowned US-based online vendor of electronics needed to have their website simultaneously updated in three languages: English, Spanish, and French. We developed software to detect any changes made in the English version. Using this software, an automated alert was established for the Spanish and French translators and, in under 24 hours, all necessary content was translated and synchronized across all three languages.

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