Advantages of CAT tools

Translation memory

Previous translations are stored in a database and can  be reused. On top of cost savings, this ensures consistency across projects and different translation team members.


We create glossaries for each industry and company, and link them to projects to ensure consistent terminology across documents and content. 

Preserving formats

CAT tools protect format tags so texts are translated without altering their layout; this makes graphic design for catalogs, manuals and websites simpler.

Collaborative work

CAT tools allow various people to work simultaneously, and include areas for sharing questions and solutions  in real time. 

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Get a service that makes your translations cost-effective

Computer-assisted translation (CAT) tools allow previously translated texts to be reused to save time and effort. This has a positive impact on translation quality since terminology and style are kept consistent across projects. Plus, the same screen used for translation includes a glossary and other similar texts from the translation memory, along with links to reference material, which makes translators quicker, more efficient and more accurate.

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