Connectors to integrate processes and platforms

These tools make communicating and workflows easier.

We work with multiple connectors to integrate our processes with those of our customers, boosting interoperability between systems. This makes for simpler workflow and quicker content sharing. In addition, we see less format errors and faster posting. 

Connectors for processes and platforms

We build links with the platforms you use
to carry out multilingual maintenance


We extract its content, translate it, and reinsert it. We use methods that show the updates approved for the original text, which are then applied to the translated versions. All without a designer, publisher, or programmer.
Discover our secret formula:

Thanks to this formula we are able to anticipate your needs



Thanks to our extensive team of professionals we are able to respond swiftly to our customers’ needs and help them reach their goals in the quickest time possible.  


We have the capability to set up teams, and upsize and downsize at any time according to project and customer needs.


Beyond the certifications accrediting our processes and systems, we have been our customers’ partner for success for over 30 years. We are by your side and are always here whenever you need us.

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