Benefits of machine translation

Translations are not the same across industries. Each one features its own specific terminology and the same term can have a different meaning depending on context. Machine translations make translation quicker. That said, on their own, they are unable to resolve certain issues properly and are not as accurate as we would like. This is why at iDISC we use specialized translation engines that employ industry-specific glossaries which, despite not replacing the language professional who will proofread the translation, significantly lighten the workload as they offer a more reliable translation for quicker turnaround.

Machine translation options

Basic translation

During machine translation online translators and terms previously stored in databases are used, which speeds up the translation team’s work when proofreading and translating the final texts. This tool is not recommended for direct posting, however it is useful for the proofreading and final translation team to deliver a reliable and high-quality product.

Specialized translation

We use a private translation engine with in-house glossaries and corpora. It generates high-quality translations using sentences and terms linked to your company’s industry. In addition, it ensures your information is secure, so you do not need to worry about content leaking. 

Types of postediting

Basic post-edition

During a basic post-edition, the translation system will focus on the basic essentials of any translation, such as its meaning and basic grammar.

Advanced post-edition

During an advanced post-edition, the machine translation will consider all the basics of grammar and definitions, plus it will make changes to the text by employing glossaries and terminology for a fluid and idiomatic end product. 

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