Machine Translation (MT) for web and enterprise

For technology-related companies and those interested in scaling into new markets, machine translation is not just an option, but a necessity. A machine-translated website not only gets your message to a wider audience, but also positions you as a global player. This is where iDISC’s machine translation technologies come in. Our proprietary engine, armed with our own glossaries and corpora, can generate high-quality translations that resonate with your industry-specific terminology.

Quality machine translation: transforming texts into different languages

The biggest myth surrounding machine translation is that it lacks quality. At iDISC, we strive to break this stigma. Machine translation here not only involves the use of online translators and terminology databases, but we carry out a thorough human post-editing process to correct possible errors and polish the final result. With options such as basic and advanced post-editing, we tailor our solutions to specific customer needs. In each case, machine translation serves as a catalyst for increased productivity and significant cost optimization.

Advantages of machine translation

The translation universe is diverse. Not all industries and text types require the same level of translation accuracy, and this is where the benefits of machine translation are most evident. This type of solution saves time and resources, and allows the team to focus on more complex or more productive business activities. Whether for internal o low-visibility content, or for texts that are going to be more visible and require proofreading, at iDISC we use specialized translation engines with industry-specific glossaries, speeding up the entire process and adjusting human intervention to guarantee the appropriate quality for each purpose. In addition, our automatic translation tools provide an extra layer of information protection, minimizing the risk of content leaks.

Machine translation options

Basic or general machine translation

Online translators and terminologies previously stored in general databases are used, which speeds up the work of the translation team when reviewing and validating the final texts. This tool is not recommended for direct publication without review, but it certainly facilitates and accelerates the post-editing phase to deliver a reliable and high-quality product.

Specialized machine translation

We use a private engine with our own glossaries and corpora, which generates high-quality using phrases and terminology associated with your company’s industry. It also offers an additional guarantee of information protection, so you don’t have to worry about content leaks. 

Types of postediting

Basic post-edition

When performing a basic post-editing, the post-editor focuses on the basic and essential aspects to ensure faithfulness to the original meaning, and basic grammatical and spelling correctness.

Advanced post-edition

This is a more meticulous post-editing, in which, in addition to checking the correctness of the meaning and grammar of the text obtained with the machine translation, the specific terminology is also checked and, if necessary, sentences are reformulated to make the text more fluent, and to make it sound more authentic and idiomatic.

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