Technical translation services for the electronics and Pro AV industry (audio, video and lighting)

The professional audiovisual sector is booming. Audiovisual technology is present in everything we do and everywhere we go.

According to the latest data provided by the IOTA (Industry Outlook and Trends Analysis) for the audiovisual industry, AVIXA forecasts that the Pro AV industry will reach $325 billion by 2024.

Electronics, audio, video, and ProAV translations

According to CSA Research’s latest report “Can’t Read, Won't Buy”, 65% of people prefer products written in their own language, and 40% of consumers avoid buying in other languages.


Professional translation agency specialized in the audiovisual sector

At iDISC we are experts in technical translations for audiovisual devices and electronics manufacturers.

We offer accurate translations of technical manuals, product catalogs, software programs, audio recordings and video.

We understand the terminology, specifics and needs of the electronics and Pro AV industry, allowing us to effectively take your content and marketing communications to new markets and customers.

Proven industry experience

Leading LED display manufacturers, major international distributors of Pro AV solutions and many intercom system specialists, among others, already benefit from our services.


Professional translation services

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Translation of manuals and technical documentation

We have accredited professional native translators who know the terminology specific to the electronics industry.

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Commercial and marketing translation.

We deliver your message to your target markets with genuine, native translations that convey your brand’s voice and style.

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Audio and video translation and dubbing

We adapt corporate, marketing or tutorial videos. We offer transcription, dubbing and multilingual translation of different audio formats.

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Software translation

We localize your software and applications to make them accessible to users around the world.

Calculate the price of your translation

We calculate your estimated quote depending on your needs and the type of translation.


Advantages of working with iDISC as your translation company

Having a dedicated partner for specialized translations is more important than ever.

And iDISC is the perfect choice.

Our teams of project managers and specialized translators help companies in the Pro AV sector to:

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Increase international sales by making content local in every market

icon-idisc-translation-electronics-audio-video-reduce-risks icon-idisc-translation-electronics-audio-video-reduce-risks-hover

Reduce risks by working with an agency that knows the Pro AV industry and has dedicated translation teams

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Improve their ability to govern and standardize branding around the globe

icon-idisc-translation-electronics-audio-video-reduce-time icon-idisc-translation-electronics-audio-video-reduce-time-hover

Reduce internal time and costs spent on translating or managing translations

icon-idisc-translation-electronics-audio-video-eliminate-concerns icon-idisc-translation-electronics-audio-video-eliminate-concerns-hover

Take the stress out of managing formats and layouts since we handle this ourselves

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Save money by leveraging previously translated content with translation memories

If you want to improve the quality of your translations...


Why iDISC?

iDISC is the partner who is able to understand your industry’s terminology.

We operate under deadlines and prices that fit the needs and size of your project


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Time and experience

Here at iDISC, we have over 20 years of experience working for the electronics, audio, video, and lighting industry. We understand and satisfy all market demands.

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Technical translations with native translators

Our team of native technical translators has a wealth of experience in the electronic and ProAV industry.    

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Texts are double-checked

Our ISO 17100-certified process ensures a second professional proofreads the translation. 

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Flexibility and agility in delivery

We structure our team to meet the deadline of your technical, marketing, and sales translation projects.

With our team of expert translators we help companies ensure the quality of their brand’s message in any country and any language

Translation team project

Assembling a team of 20 people for a three-week project and regrouping three years later.

In 2012, a software company with extensive international reach requested a 20-person team for three weeks to translate a large-scale software release into multiple languages, with just a week’s notice. After the three weeks, they requested the team be downsized to a security patch and bug fix service package of 15 hours a month. Three years later, the company requested the team be reassembled for the release of a new version of the software. The client wanted the same team, posing the challenge of bringing these people back on board. At iDISC we managed to do exactly that.

Synchronizing machine translation project

Synchronizing the machine translation of an online catalog in three languages in less than 24 hours

A world-renowned US-based online vendor of electronics needed to have their website simultaneously updated in three languages: English, Spanish, and French. We developed software to detect any changes made in the English version. Using this software, an automated alert was established for the Spanish and French translators and, in under 24 hours, all necessary content was translated and synchronized across all three languages.

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