iDISC works with universities to train both budding translators and localization specialists, as well as marketing and sales assistants.

Since its very beginnings, iDISC has always had a special feeling about teaching and, in particular, higher education.

We believe the value brought individually by the differing outlooks of academia, research, industry trends, customer needs, new generations and expert professionals, when brought together, leads to something truly invaluable.

In 1996, we started to think about taking this feeling further and we embarked on the process to start a specific cooperation. That same year, we signed our first partnership agreement with the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, and over the years we have increased the number of agreements and partnerships with major domestic and international universities, who have believed that academia and the business community must go hand in hand.

Our work with universities is broken down as follows: classroom or online teaching, where we help to provide master’s degree and graduate courses which that are up-to-date with the latest localization industry trends, and welcoming students into our work placement program. More information for students.

Thanks to its work placement agreements with universities, iDISC has made it easier for over 70 students to enter the workforce after completing their master’s degree or graduate certificate with 3-6 month placements at our offices.

Whether it is teaching specific localization classes, or having graduates join our staff through our work placement programs, these are the universities iDISC works with:


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