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We combine language and technology to maximize your company’s visibility while boosting its growth

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icon icon White iDISC icon Language Services: Translation, transcription, localization, transcreation

Language services

As a translation agency, we take care of everything, so all your content will have global reach.

We put into place the most advanced translation, transcription, subtitling and dubbing solutions.

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icon icon White iDISC Icon Web and app development, cybersecurity

IT services

We develop and implement web and app platforms so that your content is always available quickly and securely.

We implement the most robust and scalable systems engineering and cybersecurity solutions.

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The formula for standing out in global markets 

Language + Technology = Visibility2


To stand out in the global marketplace, we need to: 

  • Consider country-specific features and interact with customers in their own language.
  • Possess effective language skills that build current customer loyalty and attract potential customers.
  • Use technology-rich communication channels for streamlining processes and lowering duplication of efforts.
  • Have a reliable information management system ensuring your and your customer’s data are protected. 

At iDISC we offer solutions with built-in web platform development and content translation, along with proven cybersecurity systems so you can communicate further, more effectively and more securely. 

We translate. We develop. We protect.

Red iDISC icon Professional Technical Translations

Professional technical translations

Our agency employs ISO9001, ISO17100, ISO18587 and ISO27001-certified native translators and operations.
Red iDISC icon Web app development

Developing web/app posting platforms

We develop web portals and mobile apps so you can interact with your customers anywhere and anytime
Red iDISC icon Cybersecurity Network Monitoring

Securing information and monitoring networks

Thanks to our IT Services, we help you protect your information systems. You will be able to monitor your network activity, to ensure they are always online and secure.

Digital Kit 


The Digital Kit program is funded by the Next Generation EU fund and is part of the Spanish government’s Recovery, Transformation, and Resilience Plan.


Case studies

  • SitgesAnyTime Web Development Content Creation Translation

    Integral redevelopment project of Sitges’ Tourism website, for which, as well as carrying out the bespoke design for its general structure, we have provided translation and advice on the editing and structure of its content, along with photography sessions for the visual material. A complete ...

  • ManlleuMòbil App Development

    ManlleuMòbil is Manlleu municipal government’s official application containing useful information for its citizens and visitors.

    The app offers functions for posting information (news, agenda, directory with geolocated addresses) and a module for reporting incidents in the streets.

  • Turismo de Palma de Mallorca Web Development Content Creation Translation

    Overhauling Palma de Mallorca’s Tourism website. Along with custom designing and developing the entire website architecture, this project included copywriting, translating, and providing advice regarding content structure, performing content photoshoots, and lastly, integration with platforms ...

Icon iDISC Translation Services


Translation services

Our agency adapts to suit your brand and company needs.  We work with the content, formats, languages and terminology required for each project to facilitate delivery.

We will translate your content using its original format, no matter the format

We offer quality translations no matter the format of the original content. We hand over all deliverables in the same format, or in the format you decide fits your project best.


Specialized technical translations made to fit every project

We offer fully tailored services for your project so you and your company reach the best outcome.

We will take care of inserting the translations into your website or wherever you require

Through the use of automation and connectors, we optimize the translation process to build it into your workflow. This way we keep manual extraction and update processes to a minimum.


iDISC Technical Services icon


Custom digital, secure projects

We design and implement the best IT solutions to meet all your company’s digital transformation needs.

Web development

Here at iDISC, we specialize in complex web projects so  you stand out from the internet crowd. We develop content on WordPress and HubSpot, and can also custom develop programming using an in-house CMS.



We assess the security of your company’s information, provide advice on the best solution to secure it, and help you implement it.



We implement the latest IT solutions for optimum operations in distributed environments, integrated into the new post-pandemic reality


Cutting costs and improving the flow of translations in the Electronics Industry
Guide to cutting costs in the electronics industry

Why choose iDISC?


Because we have helped hundreds of companies expand internationally, conquer new markets, and attract new clients since we started in 1987.

Because we are committed to our work, always ready to listen and used to taking on new challenges.

Because we adapt with you to the changing context in which your business operates. We engage in your marketing activities and your company’s strategy to offer you a winning plan.

Because your future also defines ours.


Do you want to know what we can do for your business?


Get in touch with our team of advisors


We are ready to handle your requests, respond quickly to urgent deadlines and react to unforeseen events with agile solutions.

Our coordinated centers in several countries offer you a personalized service during extended hours, no matter where you are.

You can count on us. We are with you every step of the way: before, during and even after the project.


We dynamically restructure and resize our teams to respond to changes as projects evolve.

Our technological tools allow us to model the processes so that they can be integrated into your company’s workflows as efficiently as possible.

We tailor our services to your activity, your preferences and your budget.

We work to adapt to you and your needs.


iDISC is certified with the standards ISO 9001, ISO 17100, ISO 18587 and ISO 27001, which certify the selection of the most suitable professionals, the quality of the processes and the security of information.

Our expertise is backed by our strategic alliances with leading technology partners, driving us to continually innovate to keep up to date with the latest developments in our industry.

Over 35 years of experience managing thousands of projects, our commitment to continuous improvement and our honesty have made iDISC a trusted partner for hundreds of clients.