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Translation experts for the automotive and vehicle industry

The era of globalization has forged an interconnected world where it would seem there should be no obstacles to communication. However, if you work in the automotive industry, you will know that in order to reach new markets and audiences, it is necessary to overcome language barriers that hinder communication. This is where our translation services for the automotive industry come into play, ranging from vehicle manual translation to automotive technical translation.

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“Quality means doing it right when no one is looking.”

- Henry Ford

Native translators for the automotive industry

Translation is an essential catalyst  in this constantly evolving landscape. Translation teams need to go beyond mere knowledge of automotive terms and mechanics. In the complex ecosystem of automotive manufacturing, the translation of automotive documentation, vehicle specifications or technical descriptions of parts requires not only a very specific level of expertise, but also native proficiency in the target language.

Translation of automotive texts in several languages

In such a globalized industry, translation errors can have serious consequences. Brands must ensure that communication between their various international centers is smooth and efficient. This fluency goes beyond the simple translation of automotive catalogs or vehicle maintenance manuals; manufacturers must adequately convey the latest industry developments to each market and in each language.

More than 20 years of experience in automotive translations

We specialize in the translation of user, service or maintenance manuals, parts catalogs, software and interface systems, training material, legal or insurance documents.

Many of the world’s iconic automotive brands are already benefiting from our services on a daily basis.

Lean in and join us!


Experts in vehicle manual translation

The complexity of translation in this sector has evolved over the years. It is no longer enough to translate; you have to understand the underlying technology, automotive industry regulations and standards such as SAE (Society of Automotive Engineers). This understanding is vital to capture the unique essence of each emblem and ensure that the translation also complies with all regulations and technical requirements.

Professional automotive translation services

With several decades of experience in automotive translations, our translation services for the automotive industry have helped companies increase sales volume worldwide. Our commitment to quality is backed by ISO 9001 and ISO 17100 certifications, which guarantee consolidated and reliable translation processes.

Native translators for the automotive sector

To ensure maximum efficiency and minimize risks, it is crucial to have a team of native translators specialized in the automotive sector. These experts not only master the technical terminology, but also understand the complexities of language in different cultures, which facilitates clear and effective communication.

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Translation of automotive industry regulations

With constant technological innovations and ever-changing regulations, the translation of automotive industry regulations is becoming an essential element for international success. Manufacturers’ speed in complying with new regulations, and in translating and adapting updates to legal and technical documents accurately, undoubtedly influences their prestige in the various markets. This is a delicate and highly specialized process, which has a direct impact on areas such as safety, quality and compliance, not only with international standards, but also with the regulations and laws of each country.

In fact, there are regulations and standards such as ISO 9001 for quality or ISO 26262 for functional safety in the automotive industry that require documentation, operating instructions, technical specifications and other related documents to be clear, precise and understandable to end users. This entails the obligation to provide highly reliable translations.


In the European Union, regulations concerning the approval of vehicles and their components (Regulation (EU) 2018/858, for example) require certain information to be available in the languages of the member countries. This can include everything from user manuals to warning labels and component descriptions. Similarly, in the United States, National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) regulations also require that documentation be available in certain languages.

Thus, having specialized professional translators can contribute not only to preserving the prestige of brands, but also to ensuring compliance with their legal responsibilities.

Advantages of working with iDISC as your translation company

Having a dedicated partner for specialized translations is more important than ever.

And iDISC is the perfect choice.

Our teams of project managers and specialized translators help companies in the automotive industry to:

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Guarantee compliance with translation quality standards, as we follow ISO 9001, ISO 17100 and ISO 18587certified processes

reduce risks icon red reduce risks icon

Minimize risks thanks to our years of experience in the automotive industry and optimize the capabilities of our expert translation teams

increase sales icon increase sales icon

Increase sales volumes worldwide by translating and adapting content to each market to reach more customers directly

reduce costs icon reduce costs icon

Reduce overall costs by leveraging previously-translated content with translation memories

FAQs about translation for the automotive industry

What are translations for the automotive sector?

Specialized automotive translations focus on converting automotive documents and content into different languages, ensuring that technical terms and industry context remain accurate and consistent. This type of translation is vital for automotive companies operating in international markets, as it facilitates clear and accurate communication of technical, marketing, legal, and other information across geographies and cultures. Translators working in this field typically have experience or training in automotive engineering or related fields, which enables them to understand and properly use the industry’s technical terminology.

What types of translations can ordered for the automotive sector?

Technical Translations:

  • User and service manuals.
  • Product and vehicle specifications.
  • Parts and equipment manuals.
  • Engineering and development documentation.

Legal and Compliance-related Translations:

  • Contracts with suppliers or distributors.
  • Regulatory compliance documentation.
  • Warranty terms and conditions and service policies.

Marketing and Sales Translations:

  • Marketing materials, such as brochures and catalogs.
  • Web content and digital platforms.
  • Press releases and event material.

Software and Application Translations:

  • Vehicle software and navigation systems.
  • Mobile applications for users or technicians.

Training and Development Translations:

  • Technical training materials for service teams.
  • Documentation for employee training programs.

Customer Service Translations:

  • User guides and vehicle manuals for customers.
  • Customer service communications and FAQs.

Health and Safety Translations:

  • Material related to safety in the workplace.
  • Documents related to vehicle safety testing.

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Why iDISC?

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Time and experience

At iDISC, we have been working on technical translations for more than 35 years. We understand and satisfy all market demands.

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Technical translations by native translators

We provide you with specialized native technical translators with extensive experience in your sector.    

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Texts are double-checked

Our ISO 17100-certified process ensures a second professional proofreads the translation. 

flexibility and agility icon red flexibility and agility icon

Flexible and quick turnaround

We structure our team to meet the deadline of your technical, marketing, and sales translation projects.

Having an experienced translation partner who understands your technology and follows SAE standards is crucial to the success of your brand

Translation team project

Assembling a team of 20 people for a three-week project and regrouping three years later.

In 2012, a software company with extensive international reach requested a 20-person team for three weeks to translate a large-scale software release into multiple languages, with just a week’s notice. After the three weeks, they requested the team be downsized to a security patch and bug fix service package of 15 hours a month. Three years later, the company requested the team be reassembled for the release of a new version of the software. The client wanted the same team, posing the challenge of bringing these people back on board. At iDISC we managed to do exactly that.

Synchronizing machine translation project

Synchronizing the machine translation of an online catalog in three languages in less than 24 hours

A world-renowned US-based online vendor of electronics needed to have their website simultaneously updated in three languages: English, Spanish, and French. We developed software to detect any changes made in the English version. Using this software, an automated alert was established for the Spanish and French translators and, in under 24 hours, all necessary content was translated and synchronized across all three languages.

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