In person or virtual interpreting

We will work to deliver the option of your choice. We will go to the place of your choice, or join the virtual meeting using the software we agree on.  

Tell us what type of event it is, the languages you need and how many speakers or participants there will be. We will provide you with the right interpreting service for the situation.

Types of interpreting

Simultaneous interpreting

This requires one or two interpreters in a sound-proof booth translating what the speaker says into the language of the listener in real time. 

Consecutive interpreting

The speaker speaks for a short time while the interpreter takes notes. Then, when the time comes, the interpreter translates what has been said into the listener’s language.

Liaison interpreting

The interpreter translates to and from the languages being spoken by two or more people so that they may communicate effectively.

Whispered interpreting

The interpreter translates for just one person who does not speak the language of the other participants, or the language used in the meeting. They are beside the person and speak quietly to not interfere with the event or disturb the other attendees.

Escort interpreting

The interpreter, over the course of a few hours or the whole day, accompanies the people or groups wherever they go and helps them speak with anyone they require.

Translation Agency
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