What are the benefits?

Quick rollout

Not requiring programming means a proxy server can be running and boosting your international sales opportunities in a matter of minutes.

Phased application

You do not need to have all your content translated beforehand, as machine translation can be used for the time being while the definitive translation is finished, keeping the service running. 

Can be built into any environment

Proxies process any website’s text, whether it comes from dynamic and changing environments, static information repositories, or a combination of both.

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Automating web translation

iDISC’s proxy handles web translation through automation. Whether extracting translation from a multilingual human translation database, or sending content to be machine translated, proxies will reinsert the translated text inside the page’s code without altering the format. This means web pages are translated in real time without having to wait for any actions from a translation team member, with content quickly and instantly available in various languages. As language professionals proofread, this two-part system solves the challenge of always keeping up with translating continuously updated content for a continuous cycle of improvement.



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