Machine translation of websites

Implementing a web proxy solution is quick and easy. No programming is required and you can start multiplying your international sales opportunities in minutes. It also integrates seamlessly into any environment, processing text from both dynamic web pages and static information repositories.

Website translation proxy

The translation proxy version offered by iDISC goes beyond simple machine translation. With a robust system of multilingual human translation databases and the option to send content to a machine translation engine, iDISC has taken real-time translation of web content to a new level. The major advantage is that the translated text is reinserted into the page code without altering the formatting. This ensures that translations are fast and instantaneous, even for continuously updated content.

Decades of experience in translation and IT solutions

With years of experience in translation and IT solutions, we offer an advanced translation proxy service to efficiently localize your online content. Integrated with cloud storage, our service guarantees high-quality translations, accessibility and security for your business. With our team of experts, your company is in safe hands to expand globally.


Advantages of the website translation proxy service for your company or blog

Using a translation proxy offers numerous advantages, including cost optimization and greater efficiency in content management. In addition, this tool is the perfect solution for companies that need to frequently update their web content without having to constantly resort to translation teams. The result is smoother management, and it frees up resources and time that can be devoted to other areas of the business.

Quick rollout

By not requiring programming, it means a proxy server can be running and boosting your international sales opportunities in a matter of minutes.

Phased application

It is not necessary to have all the content translated beforehand, but a provisional machine translation can be used while the final, proofread translation is being completed, so the service flow does not stop. 

Can be integrated into any environment

The proxy processes the text of any web page, whether it comes from dynamic and changing sections, static information repositories, or a combination of the two.

Cloud storage integration

Optimize the efficiency, security and cost-effectiveness of your translations with a single solution

The iDISC proxy system integrates seamlessly with cloud storage solutions, further facilitating the process of translating web content in real time. All translated information is stored securely and can be accessed at any time, making multilingual project management more efficient.

Integration with our translation proxy services improves accessibility and speed of access to translated content, which is vital for companies with a global reach. This combination also provides robustness in data backup, minimizing the risk of losing valuable information.

In addition, the automation of previously manual processes optimizes time and reduces costs associated with the project. The scalability of the cloud makes it possible to adapt the storage system to the changing needs of each company. 

Need a demo of our translation proxy? Get in touch

The translation proxy is more than an automatic language translation tool; it is a comprehensive solution that addresses the most common challenges in online content translation. From immediate implementation to phased applicability and seamless integration into any environment, the translation proxy is fast becoming the preferred choice for companies and professionals looking to go global.

Don’t get left behind; explore how this technology can take your content to the next level.

If you are interested in leveling up your business and extending your operational reach, feel free to contact us for a detailed demonstration of how our web proxy service can benefit your business. 


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