Services for communications agencies

You have the best ideas for your customers, and we develop and translate the content!


Bring your marketing campaigns to the next level! We provide content development services, along with translation and programming for websites and apps. We can work together just like we were another team at your company, delivering a service 100% adapted to your needs.

Communications agency translation services

We are your digital and language partner

We can be part of your company functioning as a specialized team within it. We work hand in hand with the other teams and offer a personalized service tailored to you, taking into account your tone and voice, previous work and new target market needs.

Custom-developed corporate websites

We develop 100% customized corporate websites following the design and style of your choice

Mobile device solutions

We create mobile device solutions for interacting with the website and using all its features

Content translation

We translate texts of all formats and into the languages you require. Every language boosts your campaign’s reach

Custom-developed websites and mobile apps


Custom features such as e-commerce and online product catalogs, newsletter management and keyword optimization for attracting hits on your website from your customers


We develop apps to make them an extension of the website, boosting customer activity and communication anytime and anywhere

Why choose iDISC?


Here at iDISC, we translate using professionals and certified processes, 100% tailored to the size of your project

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Technical translations by native translators

Our team of native technical translators has a wealth of experience in your business industry

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Texts are double-checked

Our certified process ensures a second professional proofreads the translation, bearing in mind your terminology preferences


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Flexible and quick turnaround

We structure our team to meet the deadline of your translation project 

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Time and experience

Here at iDISC, we have over 20 years of experience. We understand and satisfy all your translation needs

With our team of expert translators we help companies ensure the quality of their brand’s message in any country and any language

Translation team project

Assembling a team of 20 people for a three-week project and regrouping three years later.

In 2012, a software company with extensive international reach requested a 20-person team for three weeks to translate a large-scale software release into multiple languages, with just a week’s notice. After the three weeks, they requested the team be downsized to a security patch and bug fix service package of 15 hours a month. Three years later, the company requested the team be reassembled for the release of a new version of the software. The client wanted the same team, posing the challenge of bringing these people back on board. At iDISC we managed to do exactly that.

Synchronizing machine translation project

Synchronizing the machine translation of an online catalog in three languages in less than 24 hours

A world-renowned US-based online vendor of electronics needed to have their website simultaneously updated in three languages: English, Spanish, and French. We developed software to detect any changes made in the English version. Using this software, an automated alert was established for the Spanish and French translators and, in under 24 hours, all necessary content was translated and synchronized across all three languages.

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