Enhancing teams

Staffing makes project development more efficient, since experts are assigned to the required tasks. Our professionals will be completely devoted to your company and, as well as meeting your requirements, will provide new insights into ongoing projects to help grow and improve content.


Staffing services we offer

Save on headhunting, recruiting, hiring, and training costs for expert staff. We will provide the right person for your translation requirements and bill this service monthly.

We offer the following roles:

  • Localization Manager
  • Project Manager
  • Language Lead

We work to fit your needs

One-off staffing

Ready to meet your requirements

Here at iDISC, we will provide the right person for a specific need your company has, and maintain your tone of voice and style.

Long-term staffing

We are part of your project

We will provide you with our professionals to be by your company’s side for a long-term project. We offer a renegotiable service to continue with the same roles if required.

Translation professionals

We provide the right professional

We will adapt to your company’s needs and provide the right team to work towards your requirements. Projects are fully custom-developed with the overarching aim of maintaining your brand’s tone of voice and style regardless of the language it is translated into.

Translation Agency
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