Translate your website on HubSpot with our integrated system: iDISC Singoolar

Create and manage your multilingual content easily on HubSpot with our integrated system and streamline workflows.



Multilingual services for translation management

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Easy Multilingual Management

Create multilingual web pages easily and transparently.

Multilingual translation that is easy to use

With other solutions

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The web page is generated in subsystems outside the web server itself, so the server loses control and statistics.

outside server language selector icon


The language selector is outside the web server, and relies on external solutions to access your translations

URL translation icon


URLs are not translated and do not differ between languages, seriously damaging SEO by not being indexed correctly in Google

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The page loading speed in the user’s browser is slowed down by external processes

Translation on HubSpot with iDISC Singoolar

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We fully translate your web pages, creating the right language variant for each language

white icon for we translate metadata of forms

We translate what you see and what you don’t see: metadata, CTAs, forms, alt texts, landing pages, etc.
white icon for we update external internal links

We update internal and external links, helping to ensure that pages are correctly linked
white icon for web server

The web server serves the pages entirely using its own mechanism, therefore providing the control and statistics required
white icon for loading speed

It does not affect loading speed in the user’s browser since the pages are stored on the server and do not need to be generated at each request
white icon quality accurate translation

You get an accurate and quality translation, in keeping with your brand’s way of communicating

Need to translate a HubSpot website? Let us take care of it for you

Multilingual translation solution integrated into HubSpot CMS



You can create web pages in several languages and manage them comprehensively. Singoolar integrates with the HubSpot CMS Hub and lets you make the most of HubSpot’s Content Optimization System (COS)

Multilingual HubSpot,

how does our CMS-integrated translation solution work?

iDISC Singoolar for HubSpot

white icon for online glossary

Online glossary

We create a glossary of terminology specific to your industry and in keeping with your company’s way of communicating, so your multilingual website expresses itself in your own voice. You can maintain consistency across all your branding.
white icon for translation memories

Translation memories

Previously translated sentences are stored in the database to avoid having to re-do work already done, improve content consistency, and speed up the multilingual publishing process. This system is extremely efficient and saves time on formatting the translated content.
white icon for metadata translation

Translation of metadata and unification of format changes

Our CMS-linking software analyzes page components to detect translatable content that is not directly visible such as metadata, alt texts of images and URLs. Formatting changes to the original page are also propagated to the pages in other languages.
white icon for different levels of translation service

Different levels of translation services

It’s up to you. From machine translation performed by a computer program to human translation done entirely by professional translators, you can choose the level of service you want by combining both systems and review processes so that your customized solution suits your needs and your budget.

Our tool is innovative:

There is no other solution like it!

You can export all the data from the original page and retrieve the translated data, including both visible and non-visible text.

But it’s best to check it out for yourself.

A solution that is comprehensive, reliable and compatible with the HubSpot CMS

What are the benefits of iDISC Singoolar for HubSpot?

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At iDISC we specialize in translating multilingual content for the HubSpot CMS


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