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Medical or biosanitary translation is not simply about transferring words from one language to another; it is an art that requires technical precision, a deep understanding of the healthcare sector and careful handling of specialized language. As the world becomes more globalized and medical advances are shared with the international community almost instantly, the role of translation in medicine is becoming essential.

medicine and life sciences translations

“Nothing in life is to be feared, it is only to be understood.

Now is the time to understand more, so that we may fear less".

-Marie Curie

medical translation health sector

Health sector

Every advance in the field of healthcare brings new terminology and concepts with it, and medical translators must keep up to date with these developments. In this field, language proficiency is not enough; additional knowledge of medical subjects is required. In addition to linguistic accuracy, localization is a significant challenge in medical translations, as diseases, procedures or medications may have different names in different countries and cultures.

Medical translation is essential for access to healthcare, as it allows people to obtain medical information in their own language, thus promoting health equity. The field of translation is constantly evolving, and new technologies such as artificial intelligence and machine translation are changing traditional practices. Even so, human intervention is still necessary to ensure accuracy, reliability and final quality.

Medical translators must constantly adapt and learn to keep up to date. In this globalized world, the demand for medical and pharmaceutical translation services is increasingly high because, ultimately, every translation bridges the gap between manufacturers and markets, and facilitates the access of each user to new healthcare products and services. 

iDISC’s proven experience in the life sciences sector

We specialize in the translation of clinical trials and research articles, drug package inserts and data sheets, medical device manuals and software, and legal or insurance documents.

We have expert translators in each of the medical specialties. Learn about our experience with leading companies in the sector!


Pharmaceutical sector

Pharmaceutical translations carry a great deal of responsibility. Not only does this field require solid linguistic and cultural knowledge, but also a thorough command of pharmaceutical terminology and concepts. The scope of translation in this sector is vast, as it includes many types of documentation, such as research and development reports, clinical studies and analyses, patents and drug package inserts, among others.

Each type of document poses its own translation challenges. For example, pharmaceutical patents require absolute terminological precision to avoid possible legal consequences, while drug package inserts must also be technically perfect and accessible to the general public. Any error in the translation of information on dosage, contraindications or side effects can have serious repercussions on patients’ health.

Translation in this sector also requires knowledge of international regulations and guidelines. Keeping up to date with new terminology and technology is a constant challenge for translation professionals, and it requires continuous training. As in all healthcare sectors,  translation in the pharmaceutical sector has a significant impact on the delivery of quality healthcare globally.

pharmaceutical translation
veterinary translation

Veterinary sector

Veterinary translation covers a wide range of areas, from clinical care to research, pharmacology and animal nutrition. The veterinary sector is characterized by its diversity of species and the health problems specific to each one. As in human medicine, translation errors can have serious consequences. Therefore, translators in this field must have solid knowledge of veterinary terminology and the ability to accurately translate technical and medical language.

In addition to our passion for communication in any language, we are especially concerned with ensuring that veterinary professionals have access to information that guarantees the quality and safety of veterinary care throughout the world.

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What is medical translation?

Medical or biosanitary translation is a specialization within translation that focuses on adapting medical, pharmaceutical, medical device and healthcare or research documents from one language to another. Given the technical and often critical nature of the material, medical translators must possess exceptional proficiency in the languages in which they work, as well as in medical concepts and terminology. This process is of utmost importance since a bad translation can have serious legal and health consequences.

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Medical and biosanitary translation by native translators

Medical and biosanitary translation requires high precision and an excellent understanding of technical and scientific terms. In this context, the involvement of native translators is essential to ensuring the quality and accuracy of the translated content.

Professional native translators understand more than grammar and vocabulary, as they grasp the subtleties, connotations and cultural usage of the language. In the medical and biosanitary field, this level of linguistic and cultural competence is essential to avoid medical errors and misunderstandings.

In addition, a native translator with a medical background can effectively handle specialized terminology and complex concepts. In short, medical and biosanitary translation by native translators is vital for effective communication in the healthcare sector.

Advantages of working with iDISC as your medical translation company

Having a dedicated partner for specialized translations is more important than ever.

And iDISC is the perfect choice.

Our teams of project managers and specialized translators assist companies in the medical sector to:

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Guarantee compliance with translation quality standards, as we follow ISO 9001, ISO 17100 and ISO 18587certified processes

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Minimize risks thanks to our years of experience in the life sciences sector and harness the capabilities of our expert translation teams

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Increase sales volumes worldwide by translating and adapting content to each market to reach more customers directly

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Reduce overall costs by leveraging previously-translated content with translation memories

Why iDISC?

iDISC is a partner who is able to understand your industry’s terminology.

We operate with deadlines and prices that fit the needs and scope of your project


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Time and experience

At iDISC, we have been working on technical translations for more than 35 years. We understand and satisfy all market demands.

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Technical translations by native translators

We provide you with specialized native technical translators with extensive experience in your sector.    

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Texts are double-checked

Our ISO 17100-certified process ensures a second professional proofreads the translation. 

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Flexibility and agility in delivery

We structure our team to meet the deadline of your technical, marketing, and sales translation projects.

Having a specialized translation partner who understands the complexity of your market is key for your company’s success

Translation team project

Assembling a team of 20 people for a three-week project and regrouping three years later.

In 2012, a software company with extensive international reach requested a 20-person team for three weeks to translate a large-scale software release into multiple languages, with just a week’s notice. After the three weeks, they requested the team be downsized to a security patch and bug fix service package of 15 hours a month. Three years later, the company requested the team be reassembled for the release of a new version of the software. The client wanted the same team, posing the challenge of bringing these people back on board. At iDISC we managed to do exactly that.

Synchronizing machine translation project

Synchronizing the machine translation of an online catalog in three languages in less than 24 hours

A world-renowned US-based online vendor of electronics needed to have their website simultaneously updated in three languages: English, Spanish, and French. We developed software to detect any changes made in the English version. Using this software, an automated alert was established for the Spanish and French translators and, in under 24 hours, all necessary content was translated and synchronized across all three languages.

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