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Los colores en iDISC: el quid de la cuestión

Colors have strong impact on humans. It is said that dogs only see in black and white, and it is clear that the beginnings of photography left us true masterpieces in black and white (especially for lovers of postmodern art). However, humans need the energy and joy of colors to illuminate everything around us.  

Colors help us express concepts or emotions, therefore, the corporate colors of a company are directly related to its brand value and how it is appreciated. Discover the importance of colors for your project, from the hand of iDISC.  

Sector de la electrónica: 5 claves para elegir partner de traducción

Most companies in the Electronics industry understand the importance of having their content translated into the languages of the markets in which they are operating or intend to operate. Although many already have their website translated, as well as their most important material, few have a complete and adequate solution.

We tell you why it is so necessary to have a suitable translation partner, especially if we refer to the electronics sector.  

¿La traducción es prioritaria en un mundo pos-COVID-19?

In some respects, the world has changed much more in the last two and a half years than it has in the last few decades. We didn’t see it coming, as is usually the case with the truly important things in life. Given the current scenario, companies are thoroughly reviewing their budget in order to reconsider their priorities and develop new strategies to overcome this crisis inherited from the pandemic. One of the usual points on the table is whether translation should be a priority or not.

Is it really a priority to translate or keep translating content now that globalization seems to be slowing down? Is it worth the money? Business sense says yes. Let’s see why.

Localización: más que traducción para adaptarse a todos los mercados

Localizing your content is key to success when doing business abroad. To make a sale, you need to be able to connect emotionally with the consumer, and to achieve this it is vital to be able to communicate in their own language. While most companies translate, the smart ones localize their content. Why is localization so important today?

Los compradores prefieren la información en su propio idioma

Los compradores prefieren recibir información en su propio idioma


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