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Catalonia’s “Language Industries Cluster” is born

January 27, 2012

On Friday, 20 January the Catalan “Language Industries Cluster” (Clusterlingua) association was formed. The cluster was constituted by nine of the most representative businesses in the language industry in Catalonia, including iDISC Information Technologies.


The Association is the result of a process of strategic reflection on the part of Catalonia’s language industries, promoted by Linguamón and 22@Barcelona, which has concluded with the Cluster Strategic Plan. Although the association is being established by a core of nine businesses, it aims to bring together some 25 member companies in the course of 2012.


The main aim of the association is to maximize the potential of the language industry by carrying out activities to improve the competitiveness of its businesses, encouraging the development of innovative products and services, and to internationalize businesses by means of national and international projects.


On Friday, 20 January 2011, the first day of the association saw the first board meeting in which iDISC’s representative, Pere Grivé, was named Secretary of the association. There was also a presentation of the activities to take place during the first quarter of this year. The plan includes the formation of two working groups focused on the development of innovative projects related to digital content and the internationalization of services.


Over the next three months there will also be public presentations to businesses in the sector in order to share the action plan with them.



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