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  • Turismo de Palma de Mallorca

    Turismo de Palma de Mallorca

    Overhauling Palma de Mallorca’s Tourism website. Along with custom designing and developing the entire website architecture, this project included copywriting, translating, and providing advice regarding content structure, performing content photoshoots, and lastly, integration with platforms ...

  • Ajuntament d'Olesa de Montserrat

    Ajuntament d'Olesa de Montserrat

    The town council of Olesa de Montserrat, which won first place in the 2004 "Quality Municipality Websites" awards, given by the Barcelona Provincial Council, has a newly renovated website.

    The main change is the creation of a multi-site platform that includes websites for the municipal ...

  • Transparència de Manlleu

    Transparència de Manlleu

    This website project is based on the iDISC website content manager (d2web), which complies with the Transparency law. Along with the City Government’s website, also on d2web, it has been awarded the Infoparticipa seal with a score of 92.68%. It has a responsive, 3-level format.

  • Consell Comarcal del Garraf

    Consell Comarcal del Garraf

    The Garraf Regional Council is proud to present its electronic headquarters, offering local residents the chance to perform a wide range of processes online, including applications for digital certificates, help for property owners, and individual support for school dining halls.

    The site ...

  • iDISC Collaboration Portal

    iDISC Collaboration Portal

    This is a portal designed for internal use which deals with localization project management. This web application facilitates project management and assigning jobs, as well as receiving the end result.
    It has availability control features, email alerts, automatic billing systems, and quality ...

  • Cosmopartner


    Cosmopartner's corporate website was developed in Wordpress. The interface has been re-designed for greater impact through the use of visual plug-ins, and work has been done on the adaptive design of the portal to achieve a better fit with mobile phone and tablet browsers.

  • Texsa


    The corporate website for Texsa Spain is a reference website which allows visitors to the website to search the company's catalog of products and solutions. This website uses responsive, 3-level format.

    See the project ...

  • Aceffsa


    Aceffsa, a business offering complete consultancy and advisory services for individuals and companies, has a web portal based on the d2web content management system which allows users to make queries using a contact form, download monthly informative leaflets, and send in their information if ...

  • Ajuntament de Montmeló

    Ajuntament de Montmeló

    This website has a dynamic public area and a private area. The public area has a number of characteristics with optimal functionality, is very easy to use, and follows the recommendations of the National Organization of the Blind in Spain (ONCE) for guaranteeing accessibility to the disabled. It ...

  • Observatorio de la Cooperación Universitaria al Desarrollo (OCUD)

    Observatorio de la Cooperación Universitaria al Desarrollo (OCUD)

    This website remodeling project introduced an updated and more functional design for visitors. It includes more organized information structures and a content manager to easily process multiple languages.

    See the project ...

  • Turisme del Berguedà

    Turisme del Berguedà

    This web project combines information from several previous web sites (the County Office, the Consortium of the Llobregat River Park, and the Tourism Consortium) into a single portal.

    Much care has been taken regarding design and appearance in order to transform it into an elegant, ...

  • Consell Comarcal del Baix Camp

    Consell Comarcal del Baix Camp

    The portal of this institution is based on the d2web content manager, and offers up-to-date information on its services, news, and official announcements, etc. It also complies with W3C CSS2 standards and recommendations, and can therefore be accessed from any device ...

  • Institut del Teatre

    Institut del Teatre

    The new web portal for the Institut del Teatre is a renovation of the old website’s structure and offers a flat design style. It also has an adaptive design which allows it to be viewed from any device.

    This portal was designed to facilitate and improve communication with users ...

  • Ràdio Cubelles

    Ràdio Cubelles

    The new website for Ràdio Cubelles, which is part of the Cubelles City Government website, has a variety of dynamic functionalities. Some of the most interesting are the à la carte rebroadcasting system and the program schedule information, which can be updated instantly from the ...

  • FoodFirst Network

    FoodFirst Network

    This food portal for the Dutch company FoodFirst Network provides daily personalized diet plans and recipes, while also offering medical advice and introducing the user to a culture of health. The project has benefited from the participation of the prestigious international chef Rudolph Van Veen ...

  • SitgesAnyTime


    Integral redevelopment project of Sitges’ Tourism website, for which, as well as carrying out the bespoke design for its general structure, we have provided translation and advice on the editing and structure of its content, along with photography sessions for the visual material. A complete ...

  • Teatre L’Amistat

    Teatre L’Amistat

    L’Amistat theater, part of the Premià de Mar municipal government, premieres its integrated website with the d2web content management system and an online ticket sales module linked to a payment gateway.

    See the ...

  • Ajuntament de Palau-solità i Plegamans

    Ajuntament de Palau-solità i Plegamans

    This website has a dynamic public area and a private area. The public area has a number of characteristics with optimal functionality, is very easy to use, and follows the recommendations of the National Organization of the Blind in Spain (ONCE) for guaranteeing accessibility to the disabled. It ...

  • Camí dels Bons Homes

    Camí dels Bons Homes

    iDISC developed a website with a system that enables GPX routes to be imported and viewed automatically as routes on Google Maps along with route elevation profiles.

    See the project developed for Camí dels Bons ...

  • Ajuntament de Pallejà

    Ajuntament de Pallejà

    iDISC has developed the Pallejà town council website. The site is a low-cost portal based on a custom-made structure and template that provides the town council with all the solutions it needs.

    See the project developed for ...

  • Ràdio Abrera

    Ràdio Abrera

    iDISC completed the new website of Ràdio Abrera, which is part of the website of the Municipality of Abrera. This portal is integrated into a platform for streaming playback and includes a set of functions that make it very useful, for example, for listening to the radio while browsing other ...

  • Transgruas


    Transgruas has a new, completely redesigned portal with a d2web engine. The product search engine has undergone extensive changes, making it much more intuitive by separating the website itself into sections.

    The new portal makes browsing and product searching much easier and provides you ...

  • Ajuntament de Cubelles

    Ajuntament de Cubelles

    The website developed for Cubelles Town Council has a flexible design that can be easily adapted to any screen resolution. The portal is especially designed for mobile devices and tablets.

    See the project developed for ...

  • Olesa Ràdio

    Olesa Ràdio

    The municipal radio web portal designed for Olesa Ràdio uses the same management platform as the municipal website of the Olesa City Government. It includes a feature to add audio podcasts.

    See the project developed ...

  • Ajuntament de Collbató

    Ajuntament de Collbató

    The institutional portal for the Municipal Government of Collbató has been redesigned. A web design template was used to improve the portal’s usability and user experience, as well as to increase the visibility of updates on events happening in the municipality.

  • Unitat Docent Clínic

    Unitat Docent Clínic

    This project was completed in collaboration with the graphic design company Niuimash. iDISC created the technical part of the portal. This is a teaching website with functions for managing relationships between mentors and ...

  • Turisme Olesa

    Turisme Olesa

    This tourism portal uses the same management platform as the municipal website of the Olesa City Government. It is visually appealing, and has a practical design with an image-based structure. It includes a GPS route-generation module.

  • Joventut Olesa

    Joventut Olesa

    This portal for the Youth Department uses the same management platform as the municipal website of the Olesa City Government.

    See the project developed for Joventut Olesa.

  • Biblioteca d'Abrera

    Biblioteca d'Abrera

    A branch of the Ajuntament Abrera official website which uses the same design template, the Abrera library website provides information on news and activities, as well as new developments, at the library. This website includes specific pages for kids and teens to promote a passion for reading in ...

  • Ajuntament d'Abrera

    Ajuntament d'Abrera

    Updated with the new brand image, the new website for the Abrera City Council has a format that has been adapted for mobile devices and incorporates updated design elements such as parallax visualization, which improves the user interface and presents a more innovative vision for the web ...

  • Club Tennis Sant Celoni

    Club Tennis Sant Celoni

    Sant Celoni Tennis Club provides complete information on its website about its sports facilities, schedule of activities, and interesting news.

    Moreover, the website now features a system for buying tickets and booking courts online.

  • Ajuntament de Vacarisses

    Ajuntament de Vacarisses

    This portal is based on the d2web content management system and includes a citizen participation module for interactive collaboration for publishing an inventory of national heritage.

    See the project developed for ...

  • Ajuntament de Palafolls

    Ajuntament de Palafolls

    A new update to the content and web design management systems of the Palafolls town council allows them to provide cutting-edge, multi-platform navigation for citizens and visitors to the city, in addition to improving web positioning and usability.

  • Espai Jove

    Espai Jove

    With this new web initiative, Palau-solità i Plegamans Municipal Government has created a space for young people to meet which offers them up-to-date information on workshops and courses, job offers, health, and a complete schedule of cultural activities.

  • Consorci de Turisme del Cardener

    Consorci de Turisme del Cardener

    Multilingual tourism portal incorporating dynamic information directory capacity with Google Maps integration for the handling of geographic location.

    See the project developed for Consorci de Turisme del Cardener.

  • Ajuntament de Martorell

    Ajuntament de Martorell

    New design and update of the institutional portal of the Town Council of Martorell in partnership with Niuimash. The page has been redesigned for better usability and browsing, as well as for a more up-to-date look. Its d2web manager has also been updated to improve content management and image ...

  • Ajuntament de Vilanova d'Escornalbou

    Ajuntament de Vilanova d'Escornalbou

    Vilanova d’Escornalbou town council has updated its Internet presence with a portal offering comprehensive information on cultural activities, news, places of interest and other aspects of this municipality in the Baix Camp region.

  • Barcelonadot


    Barcelonadot, the portal for technology, business, and society news, has revamped its website.

    It is now a Wordpress-based portal, with functions for sorting current news and then publishing it, sharing it, or easily distributing it on social networks and other external media.

  • Troades


    New corporate website for Troades: an attractive showcase of images and digital communication projects, with the dynamism and visual richness in line with the company’s identity and the services it provides. Developed with our d2web content manager.

  • AMEC


    Full redevelopment of the website for amec, the association that brings together the main exporting industries in Spain. The broad and varied features of our d2web content manager contribute to optimizing the presentation of content with a modern and responsive design. ...

  • Ajuntament de Manlleu

    Ajuntament de Manlleu

    Manlleu Town Council launches its new website.

    With the new interface, based on our d2web solution, the organization can easily manage its institutional home page, as well as all its websites for services such as healthcare, citizens’ support, local police, human resources and the ...

  • Ajuntament d'Olot

    Ajuntament d'Olot

    Remodeling the institutional portal of the Town Council of Olot. In addition to boosting the visibility of the town’s latest news, thanks to the new intranet, the usability and browsing experience for visitors has improved.

  • MFlex


    Developing a web-based management application for MFlex, a vehicle import and export company. With this tool, they are able to automate a variety of tasks, such as preparing and sending quotations, creating orders, or the dashboard for monitoring transactions.

  • Connex


    Developing a web-based management application for Nizacars, a vehicle marketing, distribution and rental company. With this tool, they are able to automate a variety of tasks, such as preparing and sending quotations, creating orders, or the dashboard for monitoring transactions.

  • Aceba


    Developing, in partnership with Niuimash, the website for the Asociación Catalana de Entidades de Base Asociativa, Aceba (Catalan Association of Private Healthcare Providers), which represents nine self-managed primary healthcare teams spread throughout the Catalan territory. This website has a ...

  • Transgruas


    This new application gives customers easy access to information from any mobile device or tablet: users can search the second-hand product catalogue, contact the after-sales service directly, reserve used items, etc. Without a doubt, this application provides quicker and more convenient ...

  • Viu Vacarisses

    Viu Vacarisses

    This application is connected to the content manager of the city government website so that the website and app can be updated from a single platform.

    The app has customized sections with information similar to that of the website. It also includes customized features such as the ...

  • Ajuntament de Palau-Solità i Plegamans

    Ajuntament de Palau-Solità i Plegamans

    This connected application has its own content manager which allows both platforms (website and app) to be updated at the same time. It includes features to locate equipment and businesses, generating routes to these locations. 

    The app can be downloaded for free from the

  • ManlleuMòbil


    ManlleuMòbil is Manlleu municipal government’s official application containing useful information for its citizens and visitors.

    The app offers functions for posting information (news, agenda, directory with geolocated addresses) and a module for reporting incidents in the streets.

  • Connecta't a Abrera

    Connecta't a Abrera

    Connecta't a Abrera is the official application of the Abrera City Council, providing functions for the publication of news, a schedule of cultural events, and other information of interest for citizens and visitors. It is directly connected to its web content manager for streamlined ...

  • Viu Palafolls

    Viu Palafolls

    Official City Council of Palafolls application with which you can learn about the municipal news, public facilities and cultural and neighborhood entities of the municipality.

    It also includes features for making arrangements and complaints or for reporting incidents on public roads, ...