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Do you use Microsoft 365 for your email?

Enjoy a free trial of Barracuda Email Threat Scanner

It is a fast, free and secure process that does not affect the performance of your email sending and receiving processes. By performing this scan, you will be able to discover a variety of threats: from identity theft and scams to phishing. At the end, you will get a detailed report that will give you a clear overview of your company’s email risk profile.

Secure email with Barracuda

Email has become the main gateway for cyber-attacks on companies.

Threats are constantly changing, and it is vital that your email protection evolves so that you don’t get left behind. Boost your data security with comprehensive, multi-layered email protection.

Barracuda Email Gateway Defense combines advanced filtering, artificial intelligence and constant updating against emerging threats to deliver unparalleled protection to your inbox. In addition, with encryption and data loss prevention features, your emails will be shielded both in transit and at rest. Thanks to the wide range of functionalities of this advanced technology, we can customize solutions to any digital project. 


Barracuda Email Gateway Defense

Barracuda Email Gateway Defense offers a cloud-based email security solution that provides a multi-layered defense against emerging threats. Adapted for platforms such as Microsoft 365, Exchange and G Suite, this system not only secures your communications, but also ensures regulatory compliance through cloud archiving.

With user-friendly deployment, Barracuda automatically adjusts to your organization’s needs, complementing its offering with backup tools and AI-driven threat analysis.

Email threat scanner

Most organizations using Microsoft 365 may not realize it, but a staggering 98% of them have malicious emails in their inboxes.

Thanks to artificial intelligence and integration with Microsoft 365, Barracuda Email Threat Scanner can effectively detect social engineering attacks that might already be in your inbox messages.

Protection against phishing and identity theft

It is essential to have a defense that goes beyond email, especially against sophisticated attacks such as phishing and business email compromise (BEC).

Barracuda offers a solution that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to learn a company’s communication patterns, thus identifying anomalies and attacks in real time. This protection, which is fully integrated with Microsoft 365 via an API, not only ensures security without impacting email performance, but also provides exportable reports to keep customers informed about blocked threats.

With this tool, email security is strengthened, which is a step forward in protecting users against advanced threats and adds value to cybersecurity.

Automated threat detection and incident response

It is vital to act quickly in the face of email threats. Barracuda Incident Response – MSP provides an automatic response to these incidents, identifying and removing malicious emails directly from users’ mailboxes, thus minimizing potential damage.

This tool allows tracking of emails related to known incidents and, through its integration with Outlook, users can report threats with a single click.

In addition, emails can be identified based on geographical reports, and malicious domains can be blocked in real time. This proactive and automated response ensures a more secure and reliable email environment.

Proven experience in email protection

At iDISC, we are cybersecurity specialists with proven experience in email protection and in the management of messaging solutions of all kinds. Thanks to our extensive experience, we are familiar with a wide variety of scenarios, products and devices that allow us to adapt to any type of project.

Major companies already benefit from our cybersecurity protection and consulting services.

Don’t miss the opportunity to protect yourself against cyber-attacks!

Microsoft 365 + Barracuda

The ultimate integration for the protection of your company.

Integration with Microsoft 365 with Barracuda Gateway Defense provides organizations with a robust and comprehensive solution to ensure the integrity and security of their email communication:

Enhanced protection

Barracuda Gateway Defense adds an additional layer of protection against advanced threats such as phishing, malware, spear phishing and other forms of targeted attacks.

Seamless integration

Integration is seamless, allowing organizations to take advantage of Barracuda’s features without altering their existing Microsoft 365 configuration.

Real-time detection

With the integration, threats are detected and blocked in real time, preventing malicious emails from reaching users’ mailboxes.

Archiving and compliance

Barracuda facilitates email archiving and ensures compliance with regulations, integrating seamlessly with Microsoft 365 tools.

Automatic incident response

In the event of a detected threat, Barracuda can take automatic measures, such as deleting emails, thus limiting the impact of the attack.

Advanced analysis

Barracuda’s solution provides detailed analysis and reporting on detected threats, enabling organizations to better understand the threat landscape and make informed decisions.

Ease of use

The integration provides a user-friendly interface that makes it easy to manage and monitor email security without requiring advanced technical knowledge.

Cost reduction

By combining the security features of Microsoft 365 with Barracuda’s advanced capabilities, organizations can avoid additional costs associated with security incident management and recovery.

Do you want to identify the risks in your Microsoft 365 inbox?

Try the threat scanner for free!

It is a fast, free and secure process that does not affect the performance of your email sending and receiving processes. By performing a scan, you can uncover a variety of threats: from identity theft to scams and phishing. At the end, you will get a detailed report that will give you a clear overview of your company’s cyber risk profile.

Contact us to scan your email and find hidden threats.


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