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We will help you find the quickest and most reliable solution for your IT infrastructure

Here at iDISC we are experts at pitching and implementing network virtualization, systems, hosting and database solutions. We plan and deliver custom-developed proposals to meet customer requirements for maximum performance, security and resource efficiency. 


Whatever you need, whenever you need it. Always tailor-made


We will provide you with advice on how to have a high-availability (HA) system

Data are one of the major assets of any company. Here at iDISC, we help to keep data always available for quick and easy access whether on premise or on the cloud

We will help virtualize your daily operations

Virtualizing operations means added efficiency. Here at iDISC, we will help you by using programs like VMware or Hyper-V, which can easily and securely virtualize your hardware.

We will secure your networks in the face of a wide variety of threats

Here at iDISC, we combine our system and cybersecurity expertise to develop efficient and agile operations that also minimize risks and ensure your information is secure.

We work to adapt to you. Now and forever


We will size systems based on your needs

Enhancing IT infrastructure always starts with understanding customer requirements and sizing their systems. Here at iDISC, we provide custom-built solutions for every project.

We will provide you with advice on what to change for continuous improvement

In a changing environment like data protection, keeping our systems up to date and able to be scaled and adjusted to new scenarios and new requirements is key. Here at iDISC, we will help keep your IT infrastructure up-to-date at all times.

We will monitor your system to make the best use of resources

Monitoring systems is essential in order to check they are running properly, and this also provides indicators that help in anticipating both operational and security decision-making.

Why choose iDISC?

Because we want to grow your business using a built-in platform development, content translation and cybersecurity service fully custom made to fit your requirements.

We want to be by your side as you go international and help you break into new markets. 

Contact our advisory team


We are always here to help you meet all your company’s requirements, expected or unexpected and no matter how quick you need a solution.


Our services are highly flexible, so we can easily meet different styles and requirements at any time.


We always care about our customers, so we offer ongoing quality assurance checks to ensure quality service.

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