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iDISC collaborates with universities to train budding translators and localization specialists.


From the beginning, iDISC has always had a special place for teaching, and more specifically, higher education.


We believe that bringing together academic and research perspectives with industry trends, client needs, younger generations, and professional experts can be invaluable.


In 1996, we took this belief to the next level and started a more specific cooperation process. That year, we signed our first collaboration agreement with a university, the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona. Year after year, we have increased the number of agreements and collaborations we have with relevant universities, working with both Spanish and foreign institutions that, like us, believe that the academic world and the business world need to work together.


Our collaboration with universities is divided in the following way: teaching, in-person or remote, that helps provide master's and graduate training programs with the latest trends in the localization industry; and hosting students through our company's internship program. More information for students.


Thanks to its internship agreements with universities, iDISC has helped over 70 students who have completed 3 to 6 months of master's or graduate training in our offices to enter the workforce.


Whether it’s teaching specific localization content, or incorporating the graduates into our work teams in our internship programs, iDISC collaborates with the following universities: