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If it hasn’t changed by tomorrow, then it's not a website.

The Internet gives us the ability to provide interested parties with immediate and up-to-date information about our organization.

Websites are primarily distinguished by their accuracy and immediacy, and that’s what makes them different from print catalogs, brochures, and other methods of communicating information.

Naturally, users aren’t going to be satisfied when they visit a website that doesn't measure up to these expectations.

So, a website needs to be much more than stored information that is updated every so often. It must immediately reflect any changes that take place, when they take place.

Unfortunately, maintaining a website requires constant efforts and the corresponding costs. But we can help.

At iDISC we know how much time and effort it takes to be constantly updating information. That's why we offer you a specialized system designed to make web page design and content updating a breeze.

Put your website to work for you as a true communication tool.



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