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Customizable App

d2app is a customizable, visual and dynamic app.


In a single app you will have all the functions you need to keep your citizens, customers or followers informed, and to communicate with them.

Notable features

  • Reporting news and events

    Reporting news and events

    An information module with functions to display news of interest, a schedule of events, etc.

  • Reporting damage

    Reporting damage

    Street-furniture damage-reporting module, specifically for public bodies.

  • Push messaging

    Push messaging

    A feature to send push messages to the application’s users.

  • Analytics


    Integration with tools to analyze user behavior (Google Analytics).

  • Geolocation


    Integration of GPS tracking and other related functions.

  • Audio guide or video guide

    Audio guide or video guide

    The application can be used as an audio guide or video guide.

  • Dynamic directory

    Dynamic directory

    Ability to generate new content structures, separated by category, which can be instantly displayed in the application.

Try our demo version now on iOS or Android devices by scanning the QR codes or tapping on the images at the bottom

d2app iOS

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