Spanish Government Procurement Platform Certification

Public sector procurement in Spain is an activity that includes the preparation, award, implementation, compliance and termination of contracts in which at least one of the parties is a public legal entity or, in general, a public sector body.

The minimum requirements concerning economic and financial solvency and technical and professional proficiency are previously established by the contracting entity following the principle of proportionality with the purpose of the contract. According to the provisions of the Law, this requirement may be substituted by that of classification.

Classification is a concept that recognizes a certain level of the contractor's solvency and proficiency, and is independent of the procurement procedure.

Classified companies must prove their economic and financial solvency every year, and their technical proficiency every three years, before the Ministry of Finance.

iDISC has the classification V2 (Computer Program Development and Maintenance Services) and T5 (Translation Services) awarded by the Advisory Board on Government Procurement of the Ministry of Finance and Public Administration. 

Translation Agency
iso-9001 iso-17100 iso-18587 iso-27001

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