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3 ways to use AI for marketing and sales

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We know, you’ve probably heard a lot about AI lately.

AI can be incorporated into a variety of marketing and sales processes for a better customer experience, increased task automation and other considerable benefits.

Are you familiar with the most innovative ways to use AI?

This article will cover 3 ways to use artificial intelligence for marketing and sales that are currently trending.

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AI marketing and sales applications

As we mentioned in our article “AI for marketing? What will the future of the industry look like?”, when we talk about AI for marketing and sales, we are no longer talking about the future. AI is shaping the present. Most companies know this and are currently focusing on it.

Let’s see what trends include AI for marketing and sales:

ChatGPT and AI content generators

Content is an essential part of marketing strategies to reach target audiences. Marketing takes on a leading role when the goal is to reach, connect and allow for open communication between a company and its audience,  as it provides high-quality information to target audiences and conveys the company's message. 

This is why content marketing focuses so heavily on marketing strategies.

However, as technology and AI have developed and offered content generators, such as ChatGPT, there is a faster and more accessible way to generate engaging and relevant content for audiences without relying as much on copywriters. 

Just like we considered in our article “Can we translate using ChatGPT?”, the question is how reliable is machine-generated content?

AI-based content generators can create anything from articles and social media posts to emails and chat messages.

It is no secret that more and more platforms are incorporating AI content generation, such as HubSpot, which has its own ChatSpot chat or the platform that also focuses on creating a variety of content.

A host of companies are opting for these systems because they require less talent and speed up work. 

However, there are several challenges at play with these content generators: 

  • There is no guarantee that the content will always be high-quality and reliable.
  • It may not fit the requirements of the brand and its audience.
  • Content can be unoriginal, as AI engines feed on information they find online.

Programmatic Advertising

Programmatic advertising is another way of using AI for marketing and sales, where it automates the buying process through online digital ads.

AI analyzes user data in real time, such as browsing history, preferences and buying patterns, to display a particular ad to an audience of interest at the most appropriate time for them to make a purchase.

In programmatic advertising, ads are not bought on search engines. An automated AI platform analyzes this data and shows the ad to users who meet specific criteria and who are most likely to purchase the product or service.

Chatbots and customer service

This is clearly one of the most popular ways companies are using AI for marketing and sales: AI to improve customer service. 

Chatbots are AI software used to interact with customers through online conversations. They are able to answer frequently asked questions quickly and efficiently, provide product and service recommendations, and help customers solve problems.

Here’s an example: AI can analyze customer conversations and extract information about their most common problems. This allows companies to identify these problems, take action to resolve them and improve customer satisfaction.

But, not everything goes. Chatbots are a great resource for any business, but we can’t ignore the importance of human insight! 

There is no denying that companies employing AI for their marketing and sales strategies have a major competitive edge in today’s market.

We live in a ever-changing and evolving world, where communication needs to be fast and appropriate for our specific target audience, in their language and their market. We would like to have a highly-efficient global reach  with little effort.

At the end of the day, the combination of technology and humans is what produces truly remarkable outcomes. Therefore, it is vital to have a team that knows how to analyze digitally-generated data and understand the minds of consumers, as well as the needs of a business. 

For example, at iDISC, we focus on machine translation backed by human proofreading, whenever projects require it.

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