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mitos sobre seguridad informática

Desmentimos 7 falsas creencias sobre ciberseguridad

As far as cybersecurity is concerned, numerous myths and false beliefs have spread that are widespread in the business world and that can lead to serious problems that compromise the integrity of the organization's data.   

Razones para contratar iDISC agencia de traducción

¿Por qué contratar iDISC como tu empresa de traducción profesional?

Do you know how many translation agencies there are in Spain? According to Aneti (National Association of Translation and Interpreting Companies) it is estimated that there are around 720 professional translation companies. in addition to a wealth of freelance translators.

Por qué poseditar traducciones de machine translation

¿Por qué la traducción automática necesita de la posedición?

Translation is present in many aspects of our daily lives. The market is increasingly globalized and has an urgent need for efficient communication. Any company with an international presence and any kind of business relationships beyond its borders needs translation services that allow them to effectively promote themselves in each of their target markets.

elegir servicios de traducción para negocio

Cómo elegir el proveedor de servicios de traducción adecuado

Does your company need a translation service? Are you clear about the needs of your company and what are the requirements that a translation provider must meet? Most companies feel lost when faced with these questions.

Machine translation como sustituta de la traducción humana

¿Puede la traducción automática sustituir a la traducción humana?

The world of translation is progressing at breakneck speed, as machine translation (MT) methods are being increasingly perfected .

Tipos de soluciones de tecnología lingüística

Descubre los principales tipos de tecnologías de la traducción

The world of translation has been and is in a constant state of evolution, especially over the last decade. Today, it is an essential service for most businesses, which are forced to adapt to changes in technology to remain competitive: internet, software, communication tools, the phenomenon of globalization, etc.

tecnologías para la traducción

El futuro de la tecnología de la traducción

Currently, we have large amounts of information from any channel or part of the world. The confluence of cultures and constant communication between countries has turned society into a global group in which everything is interrelated.  

6 keys iDISC

6 claves para elegir empresa de traducción en 2022

Nowadays, we find ourselves before an increasingly globalized market, in which companies that market their products and services internationally need to adapt their contents to the language of the market they are targeting in order for good expansion and development to take place. of your business. Only then can a true connection with consumers be established. Given this perspective, choosing the right translation company has become one of the main concerns for these companies. Let's see what are the keys to choosing the ideal translation company.

Traducción en el sector audiovisual: 5 claves para tener éxito

You are an audiovisual professional in a marketing or sales department and you have been assigned an important task: to see that your company's content is translated into several languages. Suddenly, all these questions come to your mind: What to translate? Should the entire text be translated or just parts of it? Will a professional translator have sufficient knowledge of the audiovisual sector? What if, to a translator, a “color bump” is a gaming app or if “ISE” stands for “Irish Stock Exchange”?

Don't worry. Here are some key points to guide this assignment towards success.

El ISE 2021 cierra sus puertas con sensaciones muy positivas

On June 1st and 2nd, and for the first time, Barcelona hosted the ISE 2021 Conference, a leading event for the audiovisual and integrated communications sector in Europe and which, up until last year, had been held in Amsterdam.


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