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¿Por qué contratar iDISC como tu empresa de traducción profesional?

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Razones para contratar iDISC agencia de traducción

Do you know how many translation agencies there are in Spain? According to Aneti (National Association of Translation and Interpreting Companies) it is estimated that there are around 720 professional translation companies. in addition to a wealth of freelance translators.

How do you know which is the appropriate translation service provider for for your needs and those of your business?

A professional translation company must offer quality translation services that go beyond transferring content from language A to language B. It is necessary to have good professionals who know each sector, as well as having the tools of most innovative and effective translation on the market, which allow the optimization of the translation process and make it more efficient.  

Assisted translation tools have come a long way to machine translation tools, which work reasonably well for some language combinations.  

We should certainly take advantage of the advantages they give us, but we can't forget that they don't have the broad understanding   of the context and the creativity that a professional human translator has, so   it's about finding the balanced dose between   technology and human intervention. As we already saw in our article Why does machine translation need post-editing? , translation tools have come a long way, although not   enough to completely dispense with human intervention. We have no doubt that, as technology advances, so will translation technology, making the translator's work more and more focused on proofreading, conflict resolution and creativity.  

Therefore, for the moment, it is still essential to have a good human team in a professional translation company. Professionals are tasked with fine tuning translations to make them exactly what you would expect.

Here at iDISC we possess over 30 years of experience as a translation agency, and we help our customers enter new markets using the best technology and expert human professionals.

This article showcases all our services and the benefits of hiring us as your professional translation company.

iDISC: your professional translation agency

What is iDISC?

iDISC is a company founded in 1987, an expert in translating, managing and optimizing content for companies.

Our teams specialize in different industries and content types, and are made up of native professionals from the 40+ languages and target markets and language variants we support.

We have helped hundreds of companies in Europe, the United States, Asia and Latin America to optimize their content.  

Our professionals, our management tools and our certified processes allow us to ensure optimal management of documentation, costs, change control and updates.

Our translation agency has never stopped growing. We offer high-quality services because we focus on the needs of our customers and learn from them. This is why we keep up to date with all industry developments and always use the most advanced technology.

Agency specialized in technical translations  

To say that all we do is translate would be inaccurate. Our company not only provides translation services, but also provides other linguistic services such as transcreation , that is, translation adapted to marketing and its strategies. In addition, we also offer services of   subtitling, narration, dubbing and interpretation, together with content publication platforms and tools.

Marketing is complex, the jargon used in each sector can not only be very particular, but also change according to the evolution of market trends.

To increase your international sales, you need to tailor   your content to make it appealing in your target markets. To do this, you need a language service that knows how to achieve it.  

At iDISC we are experts in high visibility translations , which is vital for any marketing department.  

Being specialists in your sector, you can rest assured that nothing will be lost along the way when translating your content into another language: your strategy will have the same impact and meaning thanks to our work model . We are not only translators, we are linguists who know the culture that accompanies each working language and who also understand the complexity of the world of marketing.  

We know your concerns first hand

We know how important it is for your business that your customers understand you in their own language, but we also know the inconveniences and concerns you have to deal with every day:  

  • Loss of time: our team is prepared to carry out large-volume translations in a very short time, thanks to our extensive staff of collaborators and the use of content recycling tools that save time and costs in the translation process, preserving coherence between different assignments and formats.
  • Having to review the translations: working together at the beginning and investing a little time, you will have explained your expectations and preferences to us, which will help us assign the specialist team dedicated to   your company.  Translators and proofreaders follow our ISO-certified double-checking process, so you can be confident that translations will meet your requirements.
  • Not transmitting what you want: We help you from the beginning of the internationalization process of your business to understand the message you want to communicate and we ensure the fidelity of the translation when it comes to reaching the target markets.  We ensure that all the   essence of your brand is maintained and not lost along the way. We don't just translate, as we told you, we also do transcreation and localization.
  • Need for small and fast projects: we know that you often need translations from one day to the next and that they are usually of a very low volume. At iDISC we have a workflow specifically adapted to fast-running small projects , so we can meet this need without you having to worry.

We offer high-quality technical translation services tailored to your expectations. We will translate your content into the language of your choice and the format you need, with on-time delivery guaranteed.

You are important to us  

Your achievements are our commitment and to help you carry them out we get personally involved in each project. We believe in direct, fast and close communication: we feel it is the only way to understand your needs and offer you the most suitable solutions. In addition, our structure is flexible enough, as well as robust, to adapt to your requests of more or less volume and greater or lesser technical complexity, so that we model our processes so that they fit with yours and are efficient, affordable and lead to long-term sustainable partnerships.

Our services and expertise span a variety of industries.

We are specialists in:  

  • IT Translations and Localization Services
  • Manufacturing translations
  • Automotive translations
  • Electronics and Pro AV translations
  • Boating translations
  • Marketing translations
  • Tourism translations
  • Medical and life science translations
  • ERP and e-Learning translations
  • Website translations

our method

  • A translator and proofreader double check texts.
  • We employ translation memories to reuse your content and speed up work, and draw up a glossary for each customer to ensure consistent terminology.
  • We operate quickly and count on a team of over 2,000 native translators in a wide variety of languages to cover all language combinations.
  • Certified quality: we are accredited with   ISO 17100 translation services certification, ISO 27001 information security and ISO 9001 quality of service ISO 9001, in addition to the Trados and MemoQ seals, which They are a guarantee of our solvency and professionalism.
  • Optimized workflow through a collaborative platform, which records all the steps of the process   in date, time, duration, person in charge, cost and quality, among other things.  
  • Use of technology to minimize human error and use of human control to ensure the final suitability   of the content. An ideal synergy, human in the loop of technology , translators and technology in a perfect gear.

Our commitment?

your peace of mind  

Here at iDISC we work to offer you quality service tailored to your and your audience’s needs. This is why our company is founded on three main pillars:

  • Availability: We will be by your side for everything you need, at all times.
  • Flexibility: we build our work teams and resize them dynamically for each phase of the project with the sole objective of making it a success.  
  • Reliability: In our more than 30 years of work we have earned the trust of each of our clients.

We hope this article helped you to get to know us a bit better. If you have more questions about why you should hire iDISC as your professional translation company, do not hesitate to contact us . We will be delighted to help you. 

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