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ISO-17100 Translation Services

The ISO 17100:2015 international quality standard replaces the European EN 15038:2006 standard. iDISC received the latter qualification in 2009 and has maintained it since. Just like its predecessor, it is a standard specific to translation services, which encompasses both the central translation process and other aspects related to the provision of services, including quality assurance and project tracking. Similarly, it establishes and defines the requirements that a TSP (translation service provider) should comply with in terms of technical and human services, quality control, project management, contractual relationships between clients and providers, and service procedures.


This new standard has added precision to certain definitions, primarily in terms of those dealing with the accreditation and maintenance of the qualifications of individual service providers.


iDISC, in compliance with this standard, has documented procedures for the management of every stage of translation projects: from the control and supervision of advance preparation to the validation process for final delivery.