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Latest trends in lead generation 2023

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The concept of lead generation , when we talk about generating business opportunities, has acquired a different approach in recent years. Why is it now necessary to reformulate its application?

New technologies have undoubtedly turned commerce on its head, opening up countless possibilities in the digital marketplace. 

Of course, this new range of commercial possibilities has unleashed competition between markets in different countries, especially in the B2B or Business to Business markets , companies whose customers are other companies and not the end consumer.

Bringing international competitors into the equation means that any company from anywhere in the world can reach your potential customers and take market share from you.

But, why don't we look at it positively?

Why translate a blog o website?

A second reading of this situation leads us to deduce that your company can also reach everywhere, that is, you can reach new potential customers no matter where they are, since you can approach them through a digital media. This is what has transformed international lead generation in the 21st century.

In such a competitive environment as B2B, the acquisition of qualified leads has always been fundamental to the success of any business. What makes the difference now is that the strategies to achieve this are executed in more than one dimension, and using the most up-to-date tools and methodologies is what determines the effectiveness in reaching the target audience.

In this article we will tell you about the latest trends in lead generation that have already been implemented by large companies.

what does lead generation consist of?

Lead acquisition is a process of searching for information and identifying contact details of potential individuals or companies interested in a specific product or service.

Collecting, qualifying, verifying and enriching your leads is fundamental so that all the effort ends up in the desired action: the purchase. All these steps are materialized in the design of communications and lead nurturing.

The nurturing process consists of creating, adapting and customizing strategies to achieve attractive marketing and advertising actions for our leads that make them move through the purchase funnel. A challenge that, when it comes to B2B markets, often requires greater ingenuity.

Nowadays, these lead generation strategies are based on digital platforms, due to their greater effectiveness, speed and ease of reaching many more people or companies.

4 trends in lead generation this 2023

As in all industries, lead generation experiences changes according to trends. This year, we observed four that are being incorporated into the most successful campaigns:

Content Marketing

Content marketing is considered the basis of any lead generation strategy. Without content of value to the buyer persona there is no way to attract them. 

This trend focuses on providing quality content, related to the interests of  your target audience and in different formats, to capture their attention and inspire trust in your brand.

This type of marketing is implemented, for example, through blogging in which you share information specifically designed to connect with your buyer persona profile, a semi-fictional profile of your ideal customer. Defining your buyer personas will allow you to identify their interests and online behavior in order to develop a content strategy that is truly tailored to them and effective in capturing their attention. Another method that uses content marketing is the implementation of call to actions in different places of the website or blog offering downloads of ebooks or guides with content that may interest our potential customer.

This allows you to obtain marketing leads, i.e. marketing contacts that fit the profile of your buyer persona and that can be qualified to become sales leads. 

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Account Based Marketing

Also known as ABM, Account-Based Marketing is mainly focused on B2B, and consists of aligning the strategies of marketing and sales teams to concentrate actions and target high-value accounts. With ABM,  companies design communications specifically for a particular group of customers and combine content marketing actions with commercial actions. 

At the same time that your content generates interest in your product, your commercial actions generate the need of your buyers.

This method is one of the most direct and is usually the favorite of many companies, since it is able to reach the target decision-maker and move on to a closer form of sales.

Video Marketing

Yes, it's a fact, your competitors are already using video marketing in their content dissemination strategy.

The power that video has acquired in recent years is indisputable. The video format is the favorite of the new generations, making it the most effective channel to reach them. Video allows you to establish a faster and more direct emotional connection, which is why it is perfect for persuading more users.

We recommend that you start including videos in your content marketing and join this lead generation trend.

 Glocal Marketing

It is one of the most cutting-edge marketing strategies, as we told you in our article "Glocalization: dominate the different markets with translation". A glocal marketing strategy - global as well as local - allows your brand to achieve a presence with a global reach but without neglecting the cultural characteristics and local particularities of the different regions you wish to conquer. This trend tends to be one of the most effective in terms of lead generation.

However, glocalization entails a certain complexity that must be treated with rigor, since it adds a key element to communication: language.

Although these digital lead generation strategies can help you attract qualified leads from anywhere in the world, they will not be effective if you do not carry them out in the language of your audience.

how to solve this problem?

Translating your website or blog can be very useful and is an easy and cost-effective way to implement a multilingual content strategy, as long as it is carried out by specialized professionals.

Any digital marketing strategy can be moved, very quickly, to any territory, if desired. The obstacle that often frustrates the attraction of new leads from other territories is language and socio-cultural factors. 

It is vitally important to know that the SEO strategy for your website or blog that you have determined for your home market may not have the same impact on the target market to which you want to expand. 

In short, translation is your best ally in your international marketing strategy and very effective in reaching more customers.

We hope this article has been useful for you, don't forget to visit our blog to find more interesting content. 

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