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Everything you need to know about website translation

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The possibilities offered by the Internet and digital platforms have completely transformed the situation and dynamics of world trade.

Territorial barriers no longer impede international marketing. This is why today's companies are focusing their efforts on their online presence and how to adapt it to new markets, to conquer them wherever they are. 

When it comes to marketing our products and services in new markets, there is undoubtedly one aspect we cannot do without: good communication.

Communication with new potential customers from other countries is more accessible thanks to digital media and the presence of our company in them through social networks or our website.

However, although digital media allow us to go beyond borders, there is still something that can make it difficult to connect with our target: language barriers.

To overcome this obstacle, a widespread trend among companies that market their products internationally has been to prioritize the translation of their website, communications, social networks, and technical and commercial materials into English, the universal language par excellence. 

However, this strategy may not be entirely effective if we consider that, as we told you in one of our previous articles, it is a fact that "buyers prefer to receive information in their own language"

And in this respect, the best solution is to provide our product information in the language of each customer.

Users do not want to make the effort to read in languages other than their native languages. When you speak in the target customer’s language, you have a much better chance of capturing their attention and getting them to engage with your brand’s message.

So what do you need to do to successfully internationalize your business and reach new customers?

Website translation not only helps companies to boost their positioning in the new market, but will also help to properly convey their information and adapt it to the target culture.

In this article, we tell you everything you need to know about website translation so that you can carry out the internationalization of your business with more chances of success. 

why do you need website translation?

Some companies are still not aware of the importance of having a good web translation service. 

So, here are some of the most important reasons why website translation is key to a good internationalization strategy: 

Increases brand recognition in the target market through web translation

As we said before, with the translation of our website we communicate with the consumer in the same language, which contributes to assimilate the presence of our brand in the target country. In this way we carry out a differentiated marketing strategy adapted to the characteristics of your market and culture, create a greater impact on potential buyers and generate greater brand recognition. 

Website translation to increase customer engagement

To ensure sales continuity, it is vital to encourage engagement from the target market audience.
It will be necessary to listen to the demands of your target in this new market and assess how your business can adapt to meet their needs.

It is not enough, however,  to simply transfer concepts from the source language to the target language. Web translation also requires a cultural adaptation of the content to local nuances and traits, this is what is known as localization. In this way, the public will empathize with the brand and a relationship of trustwill be generated.  

Web translation to reach more customers

A very valuable feature of website translation is that it can be very profitable for your business. The translation of your website is a small, long-lasting investment that usually brings a quick return. 

With an optimal translation of the website you will be able to reach new customers whether you have a sales team present in the new market or not, so you can start marketing products and services from the initial stages of the project. 

Guide: Why translate a blog or website?

just translate? The importance of localization and web positioning

Expanding a company into new markets implies an act of 360-degree communication, i.e., a communication that includes cultural adaptation to the target country, its customs, language, creating a differentiated marketing strategy that takes into account SEO positioning in the particular market, etc. All this without detracting from the brand's identity.

how to translate my website?

Every translation service is different and always should be, as every company has different needs. The fundamental requirement for a translation service provider is to be able to adapt to the particular characteristics of each project. Thanks to the options provided by technology in general, and by the translation technologies in particular, this process is becoming increasingly agile and more  adaptable to the specific needs of each case. 

To translate a website, you can choose between different methods. Some of the newest and fastest are as follows:

  • Proxy solution: this is a translation server placed at the front end of a website, which generates translations in real time at the request of the user browsing the page. This proxy combines the consultation of texts stored in a translation memory by professional human translators with the translations of an automatic engine, which is fed by the adjustments made by the translators. 
  • Connectors: this solution allows multilingual content management through a platform integrated with the website's own content repository. Connectors are incorporated into the publishing process and allow the original page to be replicated in different languages, creating a page for each language variant so that they are available when a user requests them. 

would you know how to choose the best solution for your project?

Website translation: where to start

As you will have seen throughout this article, website translation is one of the most effective solutions to help companies achieve the successful expansion of a brand that is in the process of internationalization. 

But don't worry, we know that these concepts can be complicated to understand and that it is not easy to choose the best solution for your project.

how to successfully translate your website?

Website translation can be very easy and cost-effective if done with the right translation technology and specialized professionals.

Our most sincere advice is to rely on a translation agency that specializes in web localization, handles content marketing properly and knows your industry. With a partner that meets these requirements, you are assured:

  • The quality of the translation.
  • A proper adaptation of your SEO strategy to the target market.
  • Increased engagement among new audiences.
  • The correct adaptation of your brand's values and message.
  • Streamlining of workflows.
  • A great return on your marketing actions.

If you've come this far, you already know why website translation should not be forgotten in an international expansion strategy, but if you want to know even more about it, don't hesitate and download our guide!

Translation Technology Guide


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